Play that funky music, momma

I like upbeat music. I listen to it when I run, when I am cooking and when I am cleaning. It puts me in a happy mood, which is always a good thing. ...more

I can't hear you right now

On the long drive back from our vacation, my son was happily ensconced in the backseat of the car with a movie on his iPad and his headphones on. They are those wonderful children's headphones that have a limit on them so the volume won't be too loud in his ears....more

My First Chat With Another Blogger - Off Blog!

July 5th Prompt: Who was the first blogger you ever emailed with off-blog? Tell us about how you felt from that first exchange.Honestly, I have absolutely NO IDEA who the first person I ever emailed with off-blog was! That may sound kind of shallow, but it was just THAT long ago and it was such a short conversation, but it's also a conversation that gave me a bit of confidence....more

Music Activities Baby Basics - Part 1

Hello and thanks for stopping in!...more

Before Lemonade" There Was My Life

Whether you languished in the mire of love in 1994, or you’re tip-toeing through the minefield of your heart in 2016, these women gave you permission to do it. Content notice: mention of imagined suicide In the age of Lemonade and hot sauce, we are getting a nuanced definition of love and loss. We are simultaneously begging the ones we love to save us from our own despair, and threatening to tear that ass up if we catch wind of even the slightest misstep....more

Owed to Songwriters

The year 2016 has been a tough one for the music world. We have lost so many of our heroes, icons, and shining stars to death – across all styles of music.Many of these have been exceptional singers – David Bowie, Prince, Glenn Frey, Paul Kantner – but the ones I will miss most will be the songwriters, including Merle Haggard and especially Guy Clark....more

Mel's Spring Cleaning Playlist and Free Cleaning Checklist Printable

Rabbit! Rabbit! Mel’s Spring Cleaning Playlist and Free Cleaning Checklist PrintableApril 1, 2016 Rabbit! Rabbit!...more

Five Priceless Gifts From Prince. RIP Your Royal Badness

Prince has the left building. The musical genius, who shares my birthday, passed away yesterday. Sili (my Dominican sis/fellow bloguera) sent me a text at 1:09 pm EDT announcing the news.Me: (1:13pm) “What?”Sili: (1:17 pm?)  “The purple one has died!!!!”...more

New Age of Concert Ticket Acquisition

I signed up for Paul McCartney’s Fan mailing list to be notified of ticket sales before the general public. As a super-fan, I get a special code (which incidentally is easy to find with the glory of Google) and TicketMaster opens up its virtual doors a few days early to the lucky few. This has happened on several occasions. ...more