Introducing Bojangles

This is Bojangles.  ...more

The Soundtrack of Loss

Jacqueline was classical music's darling in the 1960's. It seemed there were nothing but good things ahead. Then when she was 26, she began to notice a lack of sensation in her fingers and elsewhere in her body. She continued to play, but experienced more and more difficulty. Eventually, she would be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Despite attempts to defy the disease, she played her final public concert at the age of 28, and succumbed 14 years later, at 42. ...more
Thank you for this. I'm struggling with an undiagnosed condition, MS being a contender (I'm 23). ...more

the republican candidates

Blog Directoryhow to escape politics..well i sure as heck know that sometimes i just feel like doing something else. people in Europe are so different and sometimes i'm like , “how come america’s not more like that?”down below i picked and chose. since america’s all up in the air right now with what it wants to be i started thinking of where people have it together. well maybe no one has it together. but we could spice things up some.....more

Music Monday: Fauxliage- Let It Go

This song holds a lot of meaning for me for many reasons. My fiance and I tend to have pretty different taste in music and both tend to get territorial over the bands that we like....more

Music Monday: The Pierces

So I'm trying to expand the horizons of this blog a little bit and include more of the creative, beautiful things that are out there in the universe. I love music and I'm a huge fan of The Pierces so I figured what better way to start a weekly "Music Monday" post than with a Pierces song. The song's called It Will Not Be Forgotten and is off their latest album You & I. Not only is the song beautiful, but the video is amazing....more

Gavin DeGraw

Well, well, well, imagine my surprise this morning when I heard the new list for Dancing With The Stars for this season...Gavin Degraw was on it. It's so funny about that, because when I was trying to think of something to post, his video popped up on the screen while I was treadmilling and it came to me. I love his music first of all and everytime I see him I think of him on the show What I Like About You. He was at Jenny Garth's wedding (I can't remember her character name) on the show and she was gilted....more

Free Concerts And More

I love finding new resources, especially in the arts.  Today's post is about ...more

Today is my Birthday

And it's time for some great birthday music! Birthdayby the Beatles ...more
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day!more

Hot Air Hangs Like a Dead Man From a White Oak Tree

Initially, I was caught up in the Twilight book hype. Then the movies started coming out, and I lost interest…but I still see the movies because I’m still extremely interested in Taylor Lautner becoming my Cabana boy. But now I’m returning to my roots. To a movie about vampires who… Can’t resist the taste of blood. Can’t survive sunlight. Will eat you. And most importantly, vampires who do not flippin’ sparkle. Sparkle?...more

12 Not So Typical Love Songs on My Valentine's Day Playlist

Here are 12 favorite--but not so typical--love songs on my Valentine's Day Playlist. Plus a few alternatives if romance is the last thing on your list. (Click on the link to hear the songs via iTunes.)Enjoy.xo Chris...more They both make me swoon ;)more