Dynamite Summer Music

I love having dance parties with my two boys. We usually blast some music and dance around the living room. It’s a great way to get that little boy pent up energy out and just, well, let go. On our short ride back to the house from daycare and summer camp yesterday, we heard the song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz....more

streetstyle t-shirt of the week: gypsy punked

gypsy punk chicWhat are the gogol bordello gypsy punks, you  might ask?? It's a gypsy punk thing, baby!...more

This Mom 2.0

If the search for the Confirmation dress was agony, the search for shoes proved to be sheer ecstasy.  After a rocky start at a shoe warehouse, we struck gold with black shoes at Payless.  Comfortable, not too high a heel, and an open toe with a sliver of a platform.  What happened on the way to Payless, however, was a moment I won't soon forget.  I was preparing to spend a week at a professional conference with other college writing teachers and program directors ...more

Red Hot Chili Peppers...my first love

...is what the Red Hot Chili Peppers front man, Anthony Kiedis, should have titled his autobiography, Scar Tissue. Now, for anyone who knows about me and my twenty-some-year love affair with my main man, here, this last statement is a...more

Segment 2: The Man in the Truck

Blog Directory I was upstairs surrounded by the woodpaneling that made up his walls and was staring at the open closet door that had an unused hanger hooked to the inside and plenty of shirts slung over it’s doorway. There was a lightbulb on in the middle inside of it and hangers were on the floor besides more shirts, a couple of cracked jewel cases and a worn brown shoe with the back heel sunken in, stuffed with a black ankle sock....more

love to love you

   Tuesday, June 28, 2011...more

Moment of the Week - 46: I Feel Good

The twins break it down to James Brown with some fancy footwork!   http://parentwin.blogspot.com/2011/06/moment-of-week-46-i-feel-good.html...more

Moment of th Week - 45: Musical Ottoman

Twins play musical chairs without the chairs. A madeup song and dance.   http://parentwin.blogspot.com/2011/06/moment-of-week-45-musical-ottoman.html...more

Soul Work with Lily Taylor

My Soul Work interview series kicks off with talented musician and performer, Lily Taylor and her story of finding her passion through music....more


  I just got home from Fiddle camp....a place that is so very special to my family in the middle of the mountains. I was unplugged for 2 entire weeks, except once to check my email and once when I drove 10 miles down the road to receive cell service. It made me realize once again the importance of simple pleasures, of perseverance and a positive attitude. The first week camp flooded and many of the campers on one side of the camp had to be placed in a hotel down the road. It didn't dampen anyone's spirit, though, and when the news got wind, it was shown on TV....more