My running playlist – What’s yours?

I feel good. I have lots of reason to be proud of myself, but I forget it all the time, while I am always ready to be harder with myself.From

Trying to be normal... dickhead

Trying to be normal.... dickhead. I haven't written for a while.... I don't think playing with Plasticine counts as writing. It's sounds lame to need to escape from your escape. I want to be any where other that in my own head. I have written... just nothing I want to publish yet.....more

My Fitness Playlist :)

Today is Zumba day! My instructor makes it such a great work out but it's fun too. Even though half of the time I feel like I'm going to collapse...but it's nice to find such an intense work out that is enjoyable. A lot of people I know don't take Zumba seriously but we're in there doing push ups, football runs, jumping jacks, etc....more
@redwritinghood Eminem is so great to work out to! I used to never listen to him but now he's ...more

This Is Your Brain on Music

"One thing about music: when it hits, you feel no pain." This is a Bob Marley lyric from "Trenchtown Rock" that has always resonated with me, as deeply affected as I am by all different kinds of music. Now researchers at McGill University in Montreal are confirming what I believe Bob intuitively knew and what music therapists could probably tell you too. Music can make us feel -- chemically, biologically -- better. ...more

funny you should write this. One of the saddest things about being told i couldn't run anymore ...more

Moment of the Week - 22

Natalina jams on her recorder, but Dulce remains unmoved.

Ice Music

Last night, after a day of focused and quite unusual inspiration--OK, one small hint... steel and diamonds--Rick and I scooped up our pal Karena, and drove up to Taos Ski Valley for an Ice Music Concert. I've shown you pictures of the ski valley in summer, when we go up hiking. We like to stop in at the Bavarian for beer and fries with mustard, and sit outside soaking up the view and the sun. We did the same thing last night, at least the beer and fries part....more

Is 2010's Top 40 Music "Relationship Healthy?"

I love lists, music and relationship health, so I was psyched that the Boston Public Health Commission released its second annual lists of "Healthiest" and "Unhealthiest" songs about relationships this week. I was a little less psyched when I read them, but the results are interesting anyway. ...more

Teens don't pay as much attention to lyrics as they do the beat of a song and how the bass bumps ...more

3 year old dancing to Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies"

Untitled from Nadja Brocus on Vimeo. I wish she wasn't so distracted by the camera! I need to figure out how to video her without her knowing so you can get the full effect. It's pretty awesome. ...more

Motherly Advice

     I heard the bells...more

We're Thinking of Trying Again

Does anyone remember us taking this family to see the Laurie Berkner Band in Baltimore this spring? We spent WEEKS prepping Simon for the experience (and brought Rachel in that process as well). The experience went better than the previous trip to a show (of sorts), but it was still probably considered a dismal failure. Well, the Laurie Berkner Band will be performing in Washington, DC in early March, and we are actually considering trying this again. I learned about this performance a few weeks ago, but didn't say anything. I wanted to try again....more