Shake It Off

As it's the weekend I'm taking it easy (see what I did there?!) and will be spending the day with the paper, music and football. I can only really share one of those with you, so here goes........more

Free Digital Downloads Via Hoopla

Image Credit: Myra Faye Turner ...more
I love hoopla!more


Either wondered why your Dad always claps out of time to his favourite songs? And yet he can recall and sing the tune until the cows come home? Science may have the answer....more

Music Career Vs. NBA?????

Contrary to the sad populated "belief" that everything should all be about money....well ex NBA Player Daniel "Booby" Gibson expressed his truth recently on the very high profiled radio station based in New York 105.1 BreakfastClub....more

Crying lessons

Have you ever started to sing a song, perhaps a hymn or another favorite, and find yourself caught up in such a wave of emotion that singing is impossible? The tune that you adore can't be sung as your breath is hijacked from the emotion that just so happens to be pouring from your eyes?I met a fellow this week that came to me for an answer to that question. Why do these hymns I love and know by heart always cut to the chase and bring tears to my eyes?...more

Having a Tough Day? 3 Ways To Boost Your Mood Using Emotional Memory and Music

My hands down favorite vacation would have be my trip to Disney World with my boyfriend back in 2013.I knew I wanted a memento from that fantastic week, our first real vacation together.I could have bought a t-shirt, but I knew that it would just end up where all old t-shirts go to die: the workout clothes pile.A stuffed animal would end up high on a closet shelf, just waiting to creep me out every time I turned on the light....more

Creating a Vinyl Room

I have been wanting to create something fun and interesting in Nic's room for the last few years but nothing struck my fancy till th...more

Wedding Planning 101: Please Don’t Stop the Music!

The day after you attend a wedding, what is the first thing that comes to mind?THE MUSIC.If the DJ was amazing, you will still be talking about it the next day. If the band was out of this world, you and your friends will still be talking about how awesome their rendition of “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé and Jay-Z was and how so-and-so grabbed the mic and was rapping along side of the band.Bottom line. Booking the right type of music is the most important aspect of your wedding planning. And so is the music choices you will have to make....more

No boy bands for me

As my family left a science museum on our vacation, we passed hundreds of girls lining the streets near a local arena. They were dressed in fan gear - shirts, shorts, socks, buttons, jewelry, hats - from head to toe and were holding signs, banners and flags for One Direction. And despite the heat and that it was four hours before the concert was supposed to start, there they were....more

Music Charms the Troubled Mind

Once I knew a man whose wife was going to leave him. I knew he was in a lot of pain and despair about it, though he also turned into a huge asshole before everything was said and done. He was also suicidal for a time.One day when I was trying to talk him through a bad patch, I asked whether he might turn to music to help him. "What?" he said. "Do you think I should listen to country music and cry in a beer?"...more