Moment of the Week - 11

My babies know who to call, do you?  Rocking out to Ghostbusters Theme.  Why?  Because they are awesome. Cutest Halloween ever....more

14 Reasons to Read (& Love) Motherly Law

The List Why 14? It's my favorite number. Well, actually, I just made that up....more

iHaunt to dance with you..The new Halloween hits

I'm a sucker for a good holiday playlist, and Halloween is no exception.  Some non traditional Halloween hits to keep the party going and the ghoblins rockin'.   ...more

Look cool before you tweens do..Trend Watch Miley/Demi/JoBr..It's the Varsity Girls

My girls begged and begged to stay up late to watch some movie about some singing high schoolers.  I relented.  Three movies later, I still know all the words to Shapei's I'm Fabulous.  My friends are lying if they say they don't too.  Then someone named Miley came along.  Please the Hannah CD.  But I thought you said her name was Miley? Mommmmm...just do it! Next thing every little girl I know is sporting Hannah Montana clothing and singing about getting the party started.   ...more

The Jane Smith Band Will Inspire You With Their Positive and Thoughtful Lyrics

A new band from England, the Jane Smith Band, recently beat out 123 other musicians to win one of the top 3 slots in the Singles competition. Their songs have soulful and meaningful phrases and hooks set to melodies that stay in my head. Their new single, See the Truth, came out on September 20, 2010. Take a listen to it here: If you like John Mayer, Bryan Adams, David Gray, Dave Matthews Band, or Sterephonics, you’ll like the Jane Smith Band....more

turntable adventures and a t-shirt remix

When is a turntable more than a turntable?...more

Moment of the Week - 9

A concert crescendo powerful enough to knock babies down!...more

School of Rock

Last week I started reading 'Heavier than Heaven', Kurt Cobain's most critically acclaimed biography. It's a good read, going through over 400 interviews, medical records and unpublished journals. As Julie Burchill comments on the back 'I was in hog heaven all the way through - in a caring, wistful way of course'. Anyway, to give it full justice I've also been listening to Nirvana's albums - mostly in the car on school runs and the like....more

Listen. Indie. Volume 1

      Let me preface this by saying I went to see a concert last night and was so moved by the music, I had to share....more