October And All It's Glory

Good morning weekend, October, and fall...  (While you're reading enjoy our daughter's first video of music she wrote and sings.  She' currently...more

Amazon Blazes Into Tablet Race With Kindle Fire

This week Amazon announced a new low-price Kindle for $79, a $99 Kindle Touch and entered the table marketplace with their $199 7-inch Kindle Fire. Supported by their new browser, Amazon Silk, the Kindle Fire will allow users to read, watch movies, download apps and listen to music. It's currently available for pre-order and will start shipping November 15, just in time for holiday gift-giving. ...more
I have a Kindle, bought it when it was $250 (first generation). It was very quickly replaced by ...more

Too old for Nirvana??

I realized the other day, with the 20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana's Nevermind,that I like Nirvana a whole hell of a lot better today than I did then, as a 15-year-old.  Is that weird?  Shouldn't I be too old to be resonating with thedisenfranchised youth of America?...more
You are never too old for Nirvana. Never.more

YA Authors and Musicans Take On Bullying - New Book, Website and Music Video

We have reached a point where the effects of bullying in the United States have produced a rallying cry and a call to arms of groups that are coming together to help in any way that they can. Two groups that have recently come together to try to help are Young Adult authors and Musicians. Dear Bully ...more

Running Rhythm: Slow Down

Mascara dampens my eyelids the minute I open the front door to leave the comfort of our air-conditioned house. Humidity immediately presses my lungs a few inches smaller, Ryan’s words “take it easy” ring in my ears before I insert my earbuds and quiet the world around me with music....more
@FarewellStranger Thanks Robin! Slowing down is tough, but it's important. I wish I could do a ...more

Vow Renewal Music Playlist

Several months ago, my boyfriend's dad, Donnie, approached me about organizing a Vow Renewal ceremony for he and his wife Arlene, in celebration of their 30th Wedding Anniversary. If there's something I love, its organizing things. And of course, I wanted to share this every step of the way and what I was doing, but I'm not sure if she read's my blog and didn't want to overtly ask her (that seems pretentious, no?). So I started by contacting the cruiseline, and from there started the emails and phone calls back and forth with the planners....more

My Opinion Monday: The Recipe Project. Charmed, I'm Sure.

When I found out about The Recipe Project last week my inner cynic kicked in. Yeah right, what this world really needs is a bunch of celebrity sell-out chefs setting their recipes to music and then waxing poetic about how music has influenced their food. Surely somebody associated with this project (where somebody = everybody) is just in it for the dough....more

Music Review: Cubic Feet – The Living End – Then and Now

I never heard of Cubic Feet before now but according to the CD jacket of its new two-disc set, The Living End – Then and Now, it has been around since 1991. The first disc, subtitled Then, is its music from 1991 to 2001, while the second disc, Now, is its new material....more

Turn Around

When Charlie and Ryan were infants, a long-forgotten melody appropriately re-entered consciousness. It came to me without effort, although some of the lyrics remained lost for lack of use. The song, fittingly and forever connected to its 1960′s Kodak advertising campaign, nonetheless made an impression for the compelling message it conveyed....more

Inspired by the muses

“The English word 'music' comes from the Latin 'musica' and the Greek 'mousike', meaning an art presided over by the Muses. The Muses are nine sister Goddesses in Greek mythology directing song and poetry and the arts and sciences.” – Grace Notes Music Studio ...more