Turn Around

When Charlie and Ryan were infants, a long-forgotten melody appropriately re-entered consciousness. It came to me without effort, although some of the lyrics remained lost for lack of use. The song, fittingly and forever connected to its 1960′s Kodak advertising campaign, nonetheless made an impression for the compelling message it conveyed....more

Inspired by the muses

“The English word 'music' comes from the Latin 'musica' and the Greek 'mousike', meaning an art presided over by the Muses. The Muses are nine sister Goddesses in Greek mythology directing song and poetry and the arts and sciences.” – Grace Notes Music Studio ...more

Sweet Inspiration

    I am awed by the amount of talent in Los Angeles! I recently attended a show at a funky little club on Laurel Canyon Featuring my friend Laura Hall with whom I have written Room to Grow. Now obviously it comes as no great surprise that she is talented. She was on Whose Line Is It Anyway for years and we written a great musical together.     She has joined forces with Kelly Macleod who is amongst other things a phenomenal singer....more

Steal Your Soul

Check out www.aworknprogress.com for more!!!The other week we (mama, my 2 younger girl cousins, and I) ventured to New York Citayyy to see the Broadway musical Memphis. Set in the 1950s, it’s loosely based on Dewey Phillips one of the first white DJs to play Black music during that era. Aside from the story being a little formulaic, it was a good time....more

Dynamite Summer Music

I love having dance parties with my two boys. We usually blast some music and dance around the living room. It’s a great way to get that little boy pent up energy out and just, well, let go. On our short ride back to the house from daycare and summer camp yesterday, we heard the song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz....more

streetstyle t-shirt of the week: gypsy punked

gypsy punk chicWhat are the gogol bordello gypsy punks, you  might ask?? It's a gypsy punk thing, baby!...more

This Mom 2.0

If the search for the Confirmation dress was agony, the search for shoes proved to be sheer ecstasy.  After a rocky start at a shoe warehouse, we struck gold with black shoes at Payless.  Comfortable, not too high a heel, and an open toe with a sliver of a platform.  What happened on the way to Payless, however, was a moment I won't soon forget.  I was preparing to spend a week at a professional conference with other college writing teachers and program directors ...more

Red Hot Chili Peppers...my first love

...is what the Red Hot Chili Peppers front man, Anthony Kiedis, should have titled his autobiography, Scar Tissue. Now, for anyone who knows about me and my twenty-some-year love affair with my main man, here, this last statement is a...more

Segment 2: The Man in the Truck

Blog Directory I was upstairs surrounded by the woodpaneling that made up his walls and was staring at the open closet door that had an unused hanger hooked to the inside and plenty of shirts slung over it’s doorway. There was a lightbulb on in the middle inside of it and hangers were on the floor besides more shirts, a couple of cracked jewel cases and a worn brown shoe with the back heel sunken in, stuffed with a black ankle sock....more

love to love you

   Tuesday, June 28, 2011...more