Another Try W/ Audio Embed

November 22, 2014...more

Attitude of gratitude: Thankful for music

I don’t remember a time when I haven’t known how to play the piano. I started lessons when I was 4 years old and took them through my freshman year of college. ...more

World's Colliding and I love it!

World’s colliding and I love it! Today was one of those days that I truly love. Got up early on this super cold (for Vegas anyway!) and made a nice hot breakfast for the Little Man and then got him off to school. Then I did a little housecleaning, got ready, gathered my music and off to Summerlin I drove for rehearsal with Dangerous Curves. We are the hosts of this week’s Suncoast Variety Show on Thursday!...more

Movember Playlist: For The Men In Our Lives

It’s November and that means the mustaches are growing out for a good cause! This awareness for men’s health is especially close to my heart, as my brother is battling cancer....more

Time Passages

From my blog, Take It EasyI appear to be developing time as a theme this week. After yesterday's attempt at my own thought process it seemed a good idea to share with you some ideas of time as depicted in other media than words. You're probably not familiar with this:...more

Time To Rhyme

Sometimes I just have to rap.Yes, this means I use extremely bad language to explore wildly inappropriate topics. I’m sorry. I’m not especially proud that I’m a walking Urban Dictionary—capable of going toe-to-toe with Kanye and Jay-Z.When I need to rap (and it is a need), I’d prefer it to be in the booth, with one headphone held to my ear. I’d take a minute to feel the beat, before saying to my mixer, “Turn me up in my headphones a lil’ bit?”...more

Something For The Weekend, Sir?

From my blog Take It Easy posted 8/11/2014It's the weekend! (in case you hadn't noticed - no need to thank me, it's all part of the service!) As it's a time for most of us to relax and recharge the batteries after the trials and tribulations of the working week, I thought I'd try to do nothing more today than entertain you. As I mentioned earlier in the week, music has always played an important role in my life and I've chosen a few songs for you that I hope will lighten your weekend....more

Oh Lord, how I need You

I’ve been blessed in a tremendous amount of ways during my life. One of the biggest is that I was raised in a Christian home. There wasn’t a time that I don’t remember knowing Jesus, attending church, camps, etc.I mean, my first word was Jesus (seriously)! I have always known to seek God. I have always known to bring Him my troubles. I have always known that He should be the most important thing in my life. He is all I have ever needed. ...more

My Last 3 posts

Woah...didn't realize that I hadn't posted so many posts...I really liked these 3 posts. They were a lot of fun to write.We Belong bu Toni Gonzaga Bands Soon To Be Made:

you don't have to listen to kiddie music

Originally posted on It took me a few years of Laurie Berkner on repeat being pushed to the very edge of insanity to come to the realization that just because you have kids doesn't mean that you have to listen to crappy kids' music. ...more