Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pancakes

his fluffy and mouthwatering pancakes are easy and quick to make and a wonderful idea to change up your breakfast. This gorgeous recipe came from Minimalist Baker. I especially chose these songs to play with this recipe because I'm sure they play well enough on weekend day while you make this beauty!...more

Artichoke-Parmesan Crostini

I got this recipe at because I wanted to make something simple, quick and yet tasteful. And that's exactly what these Artichoke-Parmesan Crostini are. Perfect to have friends over. I selected lounge music from Juliano Kurban to listen while you make these appetizers, since they are pre-party,  so you will be ready to dance the night away!...more

Sad Songs Say So Much

This is a great list! So many songs pull at my heart strings. I wouldn't even know where to begin...more

Never Losing

This outfit was inspired by Solange's "Losing You" video....more

Honor Your Prana - Create a Prana Playlist

Your prana, or life force, is lighting your path by giving you messages of guidance every day.   All you have to do is listen!When you can’t find your path through words, there’s another even more powerful tool of energy -- music!My prana playlist isn’t organized by genre, but by feelings and emotions.There’s my inspirational playlist, my girl power playlist, my love hurts playlist and my creative expression playlist.I didn’t search out these special songs.  They found me....more

A Good Drug

This is a post I wrote in July when our daughter, who has been fighting leukemia since 2010, was hospitalized with a fever... Leukemia has been in our lives for 22 months. You would think we would know what's happening by now. Know the ins and outs and feel the ups and downs before they happen. But that's not how sickness happens. It jumps out from behind a bush scaring the crap out of you yet again. You know it's there, but BOO, and you are on your back down for the count. Zoe has been feeling so well for so long....more

Music Review: "Babel" by Mumford & Sons

The wait for the new Mumford & Sons album is finally over, and it was well worth it. I never thought I could love an album more than their previous one "Sigh No More" but this one might change that. A folk band from England, Mumford & Sons are extraordinarily talented musicians in every way. The sound that they produce from their instruments is unlike any I've ever heard. Rather than the typical setup in most bands, the members each play a variety of instruments, some at the same time. Marcus Mumford (vocals, guitar, drums, mandolin) has a voice so unique....more

I've Got Rhythm

I now know why Gloria Estefan keeps telling me “the rhythm is going to get me”.  Today, I learned the difference between rhythm and beat.  Yes, I realize this is something most 4-year-olds know.  I realize it's something Big Bird probably pondered and figured out on Sesame Street.   Somehow, it’s something I just didn’t think about.  Or maybe I just never thought enough about it to decipher the difference. ...more

On Music

If you thought that you couldn't be moved to tears (tears of pain, not laughter) by a cartoon, then you've never been an Iranian expat watching Persepolis.The movie-length cartoon, based on the graphic novels (or comic books?) of the same name, tells the story of a young Iranian who lives through the Revolution, moves abroad, moves back to Iran, and goes back abroad again....more