May Drugstore and High End Favorites

Another month is about to wrap up and since my little boys tore out the last week of May from my planner at some point earlier this year I thought I would go ahead and write about my May favorites a little early since my mental calendar is a little haywire. There are so many gems out there both drugstore and higher end so let’s do this!  ...more

My love/hate relationship with Nail Foils

  *Nothing to Disclose*Good morning my fellow lacquer friends. Happy Hump Day! Today's blog post is about my recent experience with nail foils. Oh how I looked at picture after picture of manicures done with them, Longing to have them on my finger tips. Finally after a few months I bit the bullet and purchased a set of them from Dollar Nail Art....more

Sexy Nails for Summer 2015


Oscar Red Carpet Nail Trends and Me

My (honest) review of Jamberry nail wraps

Sometime last year, I couldn’t turn around without seeing Jamberry nail wraps pop up in my Facebook feed. The bright and bold designs were intriguing, so I looked around online for reviews. Big mistake. Every review was written by either a saleswoman saying how utterly without fault they are OR (and I’m not kidding) a rival nail art saleswoman who had all kinds of bizarre claims. I finally just ordered some and have spent the last few months trying them out. Now I can finally share my review!...more
MelloYello what a cool idea!!! like a cookie exchange but for nails! Ahh I want to do this now :)more

Nail of the day: Essie Tart Deco

Hi dear everyone, happy weekend! Summer is here in Australia, even though the last couple days, the weather was awful....more

Monday Manicures Halloween Addition


Beauty Review: Julep Maven Box

I have a confession to make.I'm a hoarder.I don't hoard animals or newspapers or anything like that. No, I hoard...nail polish.Bright colors, dark colors, metallics. My husband claims in the five years we've been together, he's only seen my bare nails in five minute increments of time. You know, the five minutes between when I take my nail polish off and put a new coat on....more

You Say Tomato, Nail Polish Manufacturers Say Cha-Ching Cherry

They say nothing in life is black and white. Now let me translate that into nail polish speak:  Nothing in life is Queen of the Road and Funny Bunny.  Huh? Makes absolutely no sense to us common folk, but apparently if you market nail polish, it makes perfect sense.  I think the brass at OPI are just yanking our chain and we’re playing right into their hands…and nails....more

10 Household Items that are Surprisingly Useful for Nail Art

I've noticed throughout my travels in the nail art universe that there are many things we use for nail art that people wouldn't normally think of! I picked out the 10 I personally use the most to share with you. Please note, I'm not the original idea-woman behind these items. I've just picked up these tips along the way from various Facebook groups I belong to! These are the actual items I use, though! :P...more