OPI Brazil Collection: Toucan Do It If You Try

Sally's Beauty said, "sale" and I ran to the site. Of course, the polish I picked out where not a part of their buy 2, get 1 free sale but I still made out with a few goodies. I purchased two OPI Brazil Collection polishes and China Glaze 3 pack polishes for less than $25 with shipping. I decided to give OPI's Toucan Do It If You Try a little spin and I must say I love the color. ...more

Fairy Wings Nail Tutorial

This sparkly manicure is easy to do and perfect for glitter lovers.  Some of the nail polish I used is no longer available but you can use similar colors.  This manicure is all about layering, so have fun and don't worry about being perfect....more

2 Great Anti-Aging Tips!

If not taken care of, our fingernails can scream our age to others.  But not everyone can spend the extra money to have a professional manicure on a regular basis.  Here are 2 quick and easy ways to look younger, just by taking a few minutes to make your nails look better. ...more

Nail Polish of the Day Julep Carrie

By PolishedWay S Hello My Lovelies! ...more

Thrifty Thursday: Gel Nails

I'll be the first to admit that I am the queen of nail polish. You will rarely see me without something on my nails (mainly because they don't grow worth a darn and if I get them painted, them they don't break as easily). I got my first gel manicure when they first came out and of course became obsessed. Two weeks without my nails chipping (Y'all my nails usually chip as soon as I leave the salon). So the hubby bought me the Gelish set for my birthday one year. Basically, it's amazing. This what the starter set looks like (it doesn't come with colors and the light is sold separately)....more
I'm a nail polish LOVER! Like you, my nails are rarely without polish on them. I'm concerned ...more

Tips for Healthy Beautiful Nails

To keep your nails healthy and beautiful, only file ...more

Let´s spring into Spring!

Spring might be still far away for some of you but maybe these photos will warm you up a bit? ...more

How To Properly Take Care Of Your Nails

Getting your nails done can cost you a fortune, but if you take our tips into consideration, you might be able to save yourself a couple of trips to the nail salon. It should feel like a luxury to go to the salon, not a chore eating away at your wallet. Materials You’ll Need: -Nail Polish Remover-Nail Clipper-Nail Filer-Cotton Balls-Lemon Juice-Bowl of sudsy water-Washcloth-Lotion ...more

3 Popular Nail Trends For Winter 2014

Nail trends over the past few years have run the gamut from barely-there nudes and neutrals to over-the-top nail art (including jewel-encrusted tips and decadent caviar overlays)....more

New Thing: Matte Nail Polish

I recently saw someone in my Instagram feed with matte polish and it became my new assignment. Planning dinner could wait. Off to Sephora I went.  First apply normal polish and let it dry....more