It May Seem Like I'm Doing Nothing....

 NaBloPoMo Post #9  But I'm Very Busy Inside My Head!  ...more

Spirit of Writing Week 6: Edit and Revise...Now and Forever

This weekend, especially with a long holiday coming up and the end of National Novel Writing Month, respect your accomplishments but commit yourself to EDITING in December. So, by the start of the new year, you will have a project (or two, or three) ready to go...End 2014 writing, not planning to write again in 2015. The Spirit of Writing: 12 Weeks of Practice.......more

Laboring a novel online...

I am using this National Novel Writing Month to tidy up and finalize my new novel; thankfully and ironically, I created the first draft of this work in my first NaNoWriMo attempt of 2012. Though I did not create a full and perfect draft, the major characters and trajectory and events of the story burst forth. And, after much tangling and untangling since, I look forward to commemorating this NaNoWriMo as the one that produced the publishable draft....more

Five Reasons a Writer's Group Isn't Scary

The invitation came from an english teacher in town. The mother of a girl I grew up with....more

My story "Personals" appears in The Stockholm Review of Literature

I am always amazed to receive a reminder of how small our world really is: via overseas travel, conversation with a foreign visitor, a special event featuring a foreign of immigrant creative, a translated book on the shelf. And, foreign journals…...more

Reflection of a Stranger: Prologue Share

My Strangers series is ready to have the THIRD novel added to the mix! Compliments from a Stranger was written two years ago and I wrote most of Stranger in Pursuit this past April. Now, I’m ready to dive into Reflection of a Stranger…I think....more

Writers Need Feedback: The Difference Between Blog Posts and Books

I once had lunch with a writer, someone I knew well from high school, who had brought her play for me to read while I was sitting in front of her. The play was cleverly written; it was a roman à clef – or, perhaps more properly, une pièce de theatre à clef. It was about office politics that she had experienced, and there was a vampire replete with cape and the other accoutrements of vampiredom. ...more
I agree with you about the need for feedback and I hear what others are saying about the pros ...more

Important and Troubling Book-to-Film Issues in My Favorite Movies: ' The Color Purple' and 'Beloved'

I remember when The Color Purple movie came out in 1986. To have a beautiful and serious movie, that was not about Blacks killing each other or acting stupid but truly featured the story and amazing acting, was a big event. Oprah Winfrey was already a sort of star, and the other actors were people we knew as well.  I imagine the excitement was like when The Color Purple opened to fanfare on Broadway, where so many people got dressed up and flew into New York City just to see that on a stage. ...more
Thank you for reading Kimberly! I must admit Beloved is my favorite book of the two as ...more

10 Black Women's Book-To-Film Adaptations

Here are Black women's book-to-film adaptations you may be able to appreciate...enjoy!  ...more