The Soggy Middle Troubleshooting Guide

Last weekend at the Suffolk Mystery Authors Festival, I spoke with several writers who have gotten stuck in the middle of their books. They’ve got their plot points and character sheets....more

One Wall, Coming Up: NaNoWriMo/NaNoBloMo day 10

Cross-posted from Tiffscribes:I am exhausted....more

Trudging Forward

When all I feel like doing is hibernating......more

Romancing Your Writing Space

Before this National November Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) began, I enrolled in Beth and Ezra Barany’s “30-Day Challenge to Preparing Your Novel for NaNoWriMo” program. In one session, we were asked to describe our ideal writing place.I came up with a lovely ~ imaginary ~ work space, influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright...more

Romancing Day 6 of NaNoWriMo

Do you love books?  I hope you do – especially if you are reading blog posts about National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).There are a million ways to prep for NaNoWriMo and stay within the contest rules.  Some folks prepare for NaNoWriMo by creating detailed character biographies, complex world models, and flawless timelines in October.  These are all useful.  But when the Day 6 going gets tough, the tough search through their libraries for help....more

The Internet Is Your Friend...Use It Wisely.

I tried (and failed) to deny, ignore or refuse to confront the reality of things changing for readers, writers, publishing, publications, libraries and schools. I am a hopeless romantic. There is nothing in this world to ever take the place of that BOOK in my hands, like a first love or pet or house embedded in your senses and memory. In the few years I have jumped on board with some--not all--aspects of the passed-away Digital Revolution (now just the Digital Age and Digital Reality), I am happier to be part of a few aspects which work for me....more

Romancing the Election

When my kids were little, I voted in metal booths with levers and a curtain. There were little levers by the candidates’ names; when you clicked one to the “down” position, a little red “X” appeared in a box next to your chosen representative or “Yes” or “No” on a legislative initiative. Below the panel of choices was a large red lever. If you pulled it one direction, the curtain closed and the small choice-levers were unlocked....more

A Perfectionist's Guide to Crappy First Drafts

Hi NaNo-ers and non-NaNo-ers. I was all set to write a post this week about how it’s okay to write a crappy first draft because you can always revise it…yada yada yada....more

Writer Bullying?

There is a fine line between constructive feedback and fiction workshopping, if not workshredding– and outright imagination abuse. Yes. There is emotional abuse, physical mental abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse, social abuse, spiritual abuse and even imagination abuse. No one talks about it. It is wrong, a form of artist exploitation perpetuated by romantic notions of the “tortured” artist “suffering” for art. Writing is joy, not pain....more