Breaking the Constant Connection Habit

Maybe this is a bit counter-intuitive during a month when I've committed to writing a blog post every day, but now seems as good a time as any make a much needed change.Why wait until January 1?...more
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Nashville: A City of Country Music and Beautiful Weddings

My boyfriend and I have been on a number of trips together, and while the scenery and the people change, one thing does not: the rain. I would be hard-pressed to believe it is the statistical norm that two people could go on so many trips together accompanied by either an intermittent drizzle or monsoon-force gales. We always make the best of it though — in Bermuda, we played about 1,000 games of Rummy 500, and in Nashville this weekend, the city was just as adorable with a gray sky....more

The Loveless Cafe in Nashville

The other day I did something very exciting. I met up with a blogging friend - the blogging friend that got ME into blogging 8 years ago. Until this past weekend, we had never met in person.We met at the landmark Loveless Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.Read about our adventure Here...more

Invisible Progress

It's been a busy week or so at my house, but I don't have much to show for it in the way of pictures.  I spent the early part of the week in Nashville for work.  I had terrible flights there and back (so happy that I'm almost grounded), but a lot of fun while I was there.  I went to a Nashville Sounds...more thanks Robin! You are especially nice for liking my scary lamby :)more

Nashville's Healthy Eats

Nashville, Tennessee. Another city seeded in music, country and country pop oozes from this town. Also known as NashVegas, Music City and of course, The Grand Ole Opry, this town is pulsing with music  and actually, it's overflowing with flavor too! Follow me to see where to find some great vegan eats in Nashville!...more

ABC's "Nashville": A Little Bit Country and a Whole Lot of Drama

Nashville premiered on ABC television last Wednesday at 10pm.  If you’re anything like me, you had to be begged or bribed to watch it because of the title.  It’s not that I dislike country music.  In fact I love country folk and bluegrass and even some alt country.  Nevertheless, I never “got” the Southern ambiance, and I wondered if this series would make any sense to me.  I once spent a year attending school in Knoxville, Tennessee and let me just sa...more
@Rita Arens  That makes two of us!  She's my new television hero, that's for sure.more

Meet Chelsea Crowell, Talented Musician and Advocate for Female Voters

WoW | Woman of the WeekChelsea Crowell!...more

Hello Nashville!

Just returned from Nashville, where I kicked off my book tour.There probably aren’t too many people that head to the grocery store as soon as they get off the plane, but in my case, that is exactly what I did in order to prepare for my cooking segments the following day....more

How Far Are You Willing To Go: Taking Risks

Guest Post by Dear Husband: Risk I've always fancied myself as a risk-take...more

From Rags to Riches to Rehab: Lessons From the Ted Williams Story

The story of Ted Williams captivated the hearts and imaginations of millions this month. This is a rags to riches story of a homeless veteran with a golden voice that took him off the street corner begging for change to the sets of the Today Show, The Tonight Show, The Early Show, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, and Dr. Phil. He had a tearful on-air reunion with his mother, and a public talk show inspired meeting with his children....more

By serendipity I had coffee this weekend at a church fashioned into a tearoom and met many ...more