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DIY All Natural Fruit Snacks

One of my son's favorite treats is fruit snacks.  That can probably be said about many kids nowadays.  I didn't want to take the delicious gummies away, but I was uncomfortable with the amount of sugar and nonsense there was in the ingredients.  So, we made our own!...more
In Good Flavor Oh, yay!  We really love them.  It just feels so much better knowing that whoever ...more

Homemade Dry shampoo for those days you don't want to wash your hair!

 Do you ever feel like you have those days where you don't want to wash your hair, but you have a little too much oil at the scalp? Or maybe, you have really fine hair and just need a little more volume?Enter dry shampoo.A dry shampoo is typically a powder, or sometimes a spray, that will basically absorb some of the oil and act like a temporary "shampoo" for your hair. The problem is that some leaves residue in your hair, all of them have chemicals, and for a good one they aren't exactly cheap.Enter your kitchen products....more
I love homemade shampoos.more

How to Make Your Own Bronzer

You won't believe how easy this is! And I am pretty sure you all will have the ingredients right in your kitchen. ...more
Jasmine89 Yes! You MUST! ;-)more

5 Common Ailments Treatable with Natural Healing Oils

Now, more than ever, we are looking into what we’re putting into our bodies. The awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle has made some major strides in the recent years. Families are going organic and are making an effort to stay away from processed sugars.With that being said, it’s great that you're watching what you’re putting in your body, food-wise. But are you paying attention on the medical front?...more

Natural Egg Dye: A Rainbow of Options

You can dye Easter eggs with all-natural ingredients like spices, vegetables, and even wine! I made recipe cards for eggs dyed with everything from cran-raspberry juice to onion skins—plus instructions, tips, and pictures of what your finished eggs will look like. ...more
One could blow out the egg interior, and then do the dying to keep the shells around year-round. ...more

I Used Charcoal to Whiten My Teeth

Being a chemical/toxin free house is an ever growing chore ... between foods, beauty products, and cleaning products, practically everything needs a second look to determine if it's safe or not.Tooth-whitening treatments are no exception.I tried a commercial at-home tooth-whitening system a while ago, but it literally stripped layers of skin in my mouth away. After rinsing, I could peel a layer of skin off of the inside of my cheeks. Gross, and seriously painful.I didn't get past two days....more
This is a great idea, and I like the results.  I would rather have a more subtly whitened ...more

An All Natural Fountain of Youth

DIY lipstick. Drop the crayons' box kid I need them!!

About a month ago I read a disturbing post on the FDA, it listed about 400 high and low end lipsticks that contaided lead.. Yes ladies, lead...Google the effects of lead on your body, it's truly frightening.Anyhow....more

My Dread Locks Journey Pt 1

When I first asked family how they thought I would look in dread locks the looks of horror I received were disturbing.  At first I cared, somewhat, then I thought 'wait a second' I am almost 46!  I'm a independent, free thinking, feminist woman!  Who the hell cares what other people think?...more