Tips For Picking The Perfect March Madness Bracket- $1 Billion Reasons Why

It's time for this week's Man-Day Installment from Jensguy (AKA Trent). ...more

Texas A&M Defeats Notre Dame for NCAA Women's Basketball Championship

If you missed the game last night, I hope you can find a replay somewhere. There was no down time. No chance for bathroom breaks -- except when ESPN extended a timeout to interview Texas A&M coach Gary Blair, forgetting that he...doesn't abbreviate his thoughts -- and near the end, there wasn't much chance to breathe either. ...more

UCONN and Stanford to Battle for NCAA Women's Championship

The final is set. Tomorrow night UConn Huskies and the Stanford Cardinals will be facing off tomorrow night in San Antonio, Texas for the NCAA Women's Basketball title game....more

I Hope You Are Watching the NCAA Women's Tournament

Sure, sure, we're all been watching March Madness, in the men's tournament there have been an unusual number of extraordinarily close games and there have been a ton of upsets this year, but are you also watching the NCAA Women's basketball games? If not, you sure are missing something. ...more

It is so cool that you were actually THERE! That game will go down in history. It will be on ...more