Why Content Creators Should Be Using Google+

Google is a mega-hub. We all know this, but so many people have written off Google's social community, Google+ because people they know "aren't there." Honestly, you'd be surprised how many people are there, and how much using Google+ for your links will impact your visibility and views....more

How to Maintain and Build your Network while Traveling


tip jar: leveraging linkedin to brand yo’self – part 1

howdy ya’ll! i decided to re-visit the “tip jar” series that i had a few years back and provide some “tips” to help you in your professional careers!...more

30-Second Pitch #BlogHer13

In April, I attended a conference for work (HDI). The first session I attended was about having a 30-second Pitch. You want to be able to capture your audience in the brief time you might have with them and make yourself stand out among the crowd. I’ll be using tips learned in that session to help me while I am at Blogher ’13 this weekend....more

The Business of Networking

​There are two types of people that network, those that get it and those that don't.Networking is not for those with a lack of patience or for someone looking for immediate results. The magic in the effectiveness of networking is in the relationships you create and the connections you make. Cultivating these relationships will make all the difference. When attending any networking event, keep the following in mind:Keep in touch with your network but don't spam them...more

Making the Most of Opportunities to Network and Connect When Solo at an Event or Conference like BlogHer '13

As BlogHer '13 gets closer, I wanted to share two of my favorite tips on how best to approach attending an in-person networking event or conference when you have to go it alone or are used to doing most of your networking online....more
@kisschronicles Glad you liked it and thanks for the reminder about the FB group! I'm going to ...more

The Name Badge Does Not Sell Your Business

At the close of a large entrepreneur event, a small business owner came up to the registration desk and offered a suggestion. He felt like his name badge should have more than a name. He wanted a badge filled with all his information: name, company, title, website, email and phone. Then, he would talk to more people and more people would talk to him....more

5 Tips on Networking at BlogHer '13 and Other Offline Events

Whether you're attending BlogHer '13 in Chicago this year or not, it's good to be mindful of my 5 networking tips for cultivating connections and growing your network this year:  ...more

How to Find the Recruiter or Hiring Manager for a Job

No excuses. You can't simply apply for jobs online and then call it a day. You must go the extra mile in today's ultra-competitive job market. It can be hard to know where to start (like where is the start of that "extra mile"?!). Melissa Anzman of Loosen Your White Collar gives you practical, tactical, easy-to-follow steps on where to start. ...more