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Making connections and forging friendships at BlogHer 2016

Way back in the early days of 2015, I attended a live reading of several excerpts from the book, Listen To Your Mother. It was here that I met Melisa Wells, the woman responsible for all things social media at BlogHer, and its parent company, SheKnows Media, the sponsors of the event....more

How to Craft an Intriguing Elevator Pitch or Byline

{ pssst… you’d want to read till the end to see how to score one of the two clarity sessions I’m giving away to help you nail your elevator pitch! }The typical elevator pitch goes like so:I help the blah blah blah do the blah blah blah… YAWN!Does that sound like yours?Are you excited about sharing your elevator speech, or do you drag your feet in those networking events hoping you’d never have to whip it out?After spending 6 weeks agonizing over an elevator pitch, how many times have you actually used it?...more

How to Network Your Way to Your Dream Job

Have you played it safe with your career — but dream about an idea or career change that gets you excited? Are you thinking about taking a courageous leap with your career or life?...more

#BlogHer16 Connections Via Old School Twitter Lists? Yes!

Last week I wrote about one great benefit that conference attendees receive once they register: admittance to the official "Going To BlogHer Annual Conference" Facebook group.  ...more

The 'Going To BlogHer Annual Conference' Facebook Group

We at BlogHer are always looking for great ways to connect members of our community, especially when it comes to our conferences....more
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You Need Blogging Friends, and Here's How to Find Them

Every blogger knows just how important social media is. But social media is only one aspect of networking – a bit like going to a business networking meeting, where there's someone from every industry present. A blogging community focuses on the blogging itself because just like any other industry, bloggers need other bloggers. ...more
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6 Ways to Network Like a Lobbyist

Silicon Valley is home to more than a million inhabitants and numerous startups popping up every day.  It is often said the key to success in this valley is to meet the right person. The right person for funding your start up or that perfect engineer to complete your team.  We call this networking. Image Credit: Geoffrey Franklin via Flickr...more
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How To Be Sure Your Business Cards Work For You Not Against You

Business Cards can be one of the fastest and most efficient ways to leave a lasting impression with potential clients, employers and contacts. They can give a reminder of who you are, what you do, where you are as well as how to reach you. Still, there are ways that your business cards may work against you without you even realizing it. I want to share a few easy ways how to be sure your business cards work for you. ...more

Networking Is Awkward. What's the Secret to Making It Easier?

Hola amigos! So last week I went to my first ever blogger’s conference, which actually ended up being a conference for young entrepreneurial women of all fields (not just bloggers).I’m glad I went, and there was one quote that really stuck with me from it (“Your passion is going to keep coming back to you over and over until you connect with it, because that’s who you are” — how great is that?)...more