On Veteran's day, a quiet memorial

Any runner doing a 5k at Nashua’s Mine Falls Park knows to turn left at the flagpole.Every kid headed to the soccer fields knows to go straight at the flagpole....more

Beer here! And there: finding suds is half the fun

Not that you’d ever get tired of our outstanding Maine craft breweries, but as a beer writer investigating all of New England, I have to let you in on other places you can go to wet your whistle. Our neighbor New Hampshire, changed its laws a couple of years ago to allow nano-breweries to open, and there are a baker’s dozen just dying to see your bright shining faces and pamper your palates. Think DIPA (double IPA) and beers for non-hopheads as well....more

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Santorum, Mr. Wrong for Conservative Women

Seems this Republican field of presidential candidates can't take a step forward without a few backwards for women voters. Admittedly, I'm a social moderate, but a Republican nonetheless. Don't raise my taxes, burden my business, add more government to my life, or run the government budget ashore. You get what you get, and not a penny more. Don't tread on me....more
I'm your newest fan -- Love this article.  I'm fiscally conservative, mostly liberal on social ...more

Happy Holidays

Okay, I promise this will be my last holiday-related post. After this I’ll get my head together and start focusing on life in not-so-sunny Scotland again. But our ten days away were too full of good moments not to share at least some of them. This also serves as my 'Live In the Now' post for July, because it captures so many details that I don't want to forget.The Travel!...more

Painting The Town

I'd only been to Portsmouth, NH, once before this holiday. So I wasn't sure if the amazing artwork painted on building around the town was a permanent feature or a special exhibition. A quick Google search on my return revealed that they were part of the Street a.k.a. Museum exhibit, curated by the Portsmouth Museum of Art....more

NH Senate Candidate Kelly Ayotte is a GOP misogynist; lets cops abuse women.

http://KingCast.net -- Reel News for Real PeopleYour really need to watch this video and read this lawsuit to see how hateful the new GOP really is.More women against Ayotte:http://kellyayottesenate.blogspot.com/2010/10/kingcast-meets-more-women-...The lawsuit:http://seminal.firedoglake.com/diary/77118...more

Rest in Peace, Granny D

Yesterday, New Hampshire and the nation lost an amazing woman.  Doris "Granny D" Haddock of Dublin, NH died yesterday the age of 100.  Proponents of campaign finance reform and feminists alike will mourn the passing of this spunky, politically involved grandmother of 14....more