Being more than Mrs. Mommy

I have two t-shirts that I thought I had specially made just for fun. The first one was shortly before my wedding. I had it made to say "Mrs. XXXXX" (but instead of the Xs, it was my husband's name). The second was right after my son was born and it says XXXXXX's Mom (but instead of the Xs, it has my son's name)....more

Holiday Gift Guide for a New Mama

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and I love it!  I love the music, the fun family gatherings and activities, the movies, the food, and just plain celebrating and giving thanks....more

Motherhood Changed Me (But Not How I Thought)

 Motherhood Changed Me. (But not how I thought it would)They said that motherhood would change me. That it would make me boring. That it would put me in a different stage than my friends.  “Not me” I thought. I mean, sure, I knew some things would change. But me? As a person? Nah.I recently downloaded the timehop app. It’s innocent enough in theory – it scans your social media and shows you pictures & posts from the same day last year, 2 years ago, etc. Throwback Thursday for dummies, if you will....more

10 Frugal Tips For New Moms To Actually Save You Money

You’ve heard the stories. How raising a child from birth to 18 years of age will cost the average family $245,000. The expensive gear you absolutely need to keep your baby safe and comfortable. The childcare, the formula, and the zillions of diapers. ...more
Forego the changing table and put a changing pad on a dresser. The dresser can be used much ...more

What Surprised You Most About Becoming a Mom?

Last month, when Ali shared her and her wife’s struggle to decide whether or not to have a child, the personal stories that popped up in the comments inspired me to reach out to other women and ask what surprised them most about becoming a mom....more

10 Reasons I Know Your Kid Isn't Your First

Before I start this post, let me say that I'm not making fun of you, New Moms. Well. I am making fun of you, but I'm making fun of me too. I was you. Anyone who has kids was you, whether they remember it now or are willing to admit it. Anyone who tells you they weren't terrified when they became a parent is a liar....more
Sunny_WithSass Glad you liked it!more

Advice for new moms: advice I wish I had 4 years ago...

 When I started this blog, I said I wouldn't give advice... Because let's face it, you'll get enough of it in your journey to and through parenthood.  But, here's the thing.. I can't help it :-)  New moms, this is for you... Take it or leave it, and if you take it, do so with a grain of salt..;-)  This is all based on my own personal experience....more

Wild Weekend

The extra long weekend made for a trying Mom week that’s for sure. I am absolutely exhausted and wish I could sleep a solid 6 hours ( I know, I lowered the bar from 8..heck, I’d settle for a solid 4). But as usual, we moms know that’s not going to happen....more