The Bourbon Orleans: One of New Orleans' Best Hotels

With a legacy that is French, Spanish, Canadian and English, New Orleans is the most European of North American cities. Its reputation for incredible food and warm hospitality is well-deserved and extends to the gracious hotels that line the streets of the French Quarter, some over two hundred years old. One of the top ten hotels in the city, according to Trip Advisor, is the delightful and historic Bourbon Orleans.  Check out my experience on my recent stay there:...more

A Red Marble Sink

My sister said that yesterday's story about San Francisco reminded her that business trips can be fun.  And since she happens to be on one right now, I thought I would entertain her with another story about a time when I tagged along with her and we had us a fine time in the great big city....more

A BIG EASY Fourth of July AND A New Baby Comes In With A BANG!

Baby Beckett's due date was July 5th, so the plan for us this year was to spend the 4th of July in New Orleans instead of on the river.  Robby and I loaded up and headed south on the 3rd, staying with Ryan and Allison since David and Codi's guest bedroom had been turned into a nursery. The morning of the 4th, Ryan, Allison,Robby and I all went down to the the French Quarters to walk around and eat some lunch... ...more

New Orleans Vacation Installment Two

The second day of our New Orleans vacation found us waking up in a very nice hotel room with an amazing view.  As always I could not sleep. I woke up and attempted to blog about yesterday's post and had no wireless signal....more

In New Orleans, Too Many of Us Know Victims of Gun Violence (Video)

On Mother's Day morning, I found the Sunday edition of the New Orleans Times Picayune on my lawn. The picture here shows that day's front page. The headline of the feature story on the left reads, "Mothers talk about losing a child to violence." For many readers this is already yesterday's news, overshadowed later that Mother's Day by another mass shooting injuring 20 people, but as a resident of New Orleans, I can't simply shelve it away and move on....more
Please help us! We are a group of teens from New Orleans who want to help stop the violence! We ...more

New Orleans Here We Come!!!!

Well, not yet, but we have finally made our vacation plans for the first week of our vacation.  We normally plan on visiting family two of the four weeks Chris gets for vacations.  He takes the other two around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My job requires that I work during that time so traveling is out of the question.  Last year we were privileged to see our eldest daughter get married to a wonderful young man we are proud to call son in Mexico.  It was also the 30th anniversary of our being married....more

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler: 3 Days in the Big Easy

 Chili Glazed Farm Chicken: Emeril’s New Orleans...more

The Skinny on Fat Tuesday!

According to historians Mardi Gras, today a popular Christian holiday and popular cultural happening, actually dates back thousands of years to pagan spring and fertility rites. When Christianity arrived in Rome, religious leaders decided it would be much easier to integrate, rather than eliminate these popular local traditions into the new faith....more

Mardi Gras: Pat O'Brien's Hurricane

I said it last year around this time, and I’ll say it again: Laissez les bon temps rouler!  Mardi Gras season is in full force this weekend in New Orleans, and that means beads, parades, casserole bowls full of red beans and rice, festively frosted king cakes and for the first time ever here on Edible Times: Hurricanes....more

Healthy and Vegan Super Bowl Eats in New Orleans

New Orleans, The Big Easy, Chocolate add Home of Super Bowl 47! Hosting this year's big game, fans witll be pouring into the city in droves and bringing an appetite. If you happen to be one of those fans and are looking to steer clear of greasy, fattening food, be sure to check out some of these places I found that offer up healthy, vegan and even gluten free options!...more