Avoiding New Year's Resolution Regret

This week, I was all in my head, once again, wrestling with the mounting responsibilities of life, concerns, and to-dos—not to mention the personal goals I’d set for myself. And with talk of New Year’s resolutions rearing its ugly head, the thought of doing anything just seemed overwhelming. As I considered the size and weight of these personal challenges—those I accumulated over this last year as well as those on the horizon of a new year—I could feel my facial expression contorting into a mixture of visual frustration, fatigue and fear....more

Why New Year's Resolutions Are Bullshit

"It is not all bad, but it is not all good, it is not all ugly, but it is not all beautiful, it is life, life, life—the only thing that matters. It is savage, cruel, kind, noble, passionate, selfish, generous, stupid, ugly, beautiful, painful, joyous—it is all these, and more, and it’s all these I want to know and, by God, I shall, though they crucify me for it."-Thomas Wolfe's Letters To His Mother ...more
Arnebya Yeah, I'm certainly not trying to deter anyone from changing. I just find that for me, ...more

3 Ways to Use Your Blog to Stick to Your Resolutions

Raise your hand if you've ever enthusiastically made New Year's resolutions - or perhaps thoughtfully chosen a word for the year - but, in spite of the best of intentions, don't actually manage to follow through to the end. Oh, we start out strong, motivated by the freshness and possibility of a shiny new year, but as the glow fades and the work begins we lose focus, run out of steam and, even though the goals we'd set really did matter to us at the time, give up. For me, that usually happens sometime around the second week in January. ...more
NeluWisdomLover I think you're right about that - your blog can help you stick to any of your ...more

Making New Year's Resolutions? This year, I'm Trying Something New.

Why, this year, I'm Overhauling My System of Making New Year's Resolutions.For the umpteenth time in my life, I'm waiting for a new year to begin and contemplating what New Year's resolutions to make. But  just about making the same tired resolutions over and over again. Make them. Forget them. Feel crappy. Stay stuck. Next.Obviously this method is not working. Duh. Otherwise I would not be here making the same resolutions every single December.What are those resolutions that get made but never change?...more

5 Simple and NOT Annoying Kick Butt New Year's Intentions for You to Consider

"This year I'm going to....." The new year brings all sorts of motivation and excitement for many of us about making changes, resolutions and intentions. ...more

I suck at resolutions and it's okay.

The fourth week of school starts tomorrow seventh week of school ends on Friday and while perusing lesson plans, I ran across something laugh out loud funny: My list of new (school) year's resolutions....more

4 Reasons to Ditch New Year's Resolutions and Make Quarterly Goals

  It’s April 1st, which means that we just finished up the first quarter of the year....more

Tips for Keeping New Year's Resolutions AND Staying HAPPY!

Welcome to 2015- NOW ... What about those New Year's resolutions?If you are like me, you have spent months and months planning the holidays, then BAM! New Year's has come and gone.  WHOA.  Okay, 2015 is happening.  Maybe 2014 was awful and you are glad to bid it farewell. Perhaps it was a truly special year and you are sad to now write 2015 on your checks... either way most of us have some stance on New Year's Resolutions....more

Resolutions! Smesolutions!

THEYDON'T WORK! Neuroscientists have found that in order to develop a new habit or change and existing habit,the time frame in which you must work is 6weeks. This is what resolutions are about::...more
One of my hopes is to become more action oriented this year. My process goal is to take 52 ...more