I suck at resolutions and it's okay.

The fourth week of school starts tomorrow seventh week of school ends on Friday and while perusing lesson plans, I ran across something laugh out loud funny: My list of new (school) year's resolutions....more

4 Reasons to Ditch New Year's Resolutions and Make Quarterly Goals

  It’s April 1st, which means that we just finished up the first quarter of the year....more

15 Goals for the New Year!


Tips for Keeping New Year's Resolutions AND Staying HAPPY!

Welcome to 2015- NOW ... What about those New Year's resolutions?If you are like me, you have spent months and months planning the holidays, then BAM! New Year's has come and gone.  WHOA.  Okay, 2015 is happening.  Maybe 2014 was awful and you are glad to bid it farewell. Perhaps it was a truly special year and you are sad to now write 2015 on your checks... either way most of us have some stance on New Year's Resolutions....more

Resolutions! Smesolutions!

THEYDON'T WORK! Neuroscientists have found that in order to develop a new habit or change and existing habit,the time frame in which you must work is 6weeks. This is what resolutions are about::...more
One of my hopes is to become more action oriented this year. My process goal is to take 52 ...more

New Year, Same Me

Last year was my year of grand planning and exciting adventures. I was all ready to set goals and accomplish them only to be foiled by a surprise pregnancy one month in. That was pretty discouraging.This year, there will be no "New Year's Resolutions."...more


Thursday, January 1, 2015What are your resolutions for the new year? Tell us how you picked them....more
yes one can plan for a lot of things but that is where the unexpected lurks and waits ...great postmore

FREE Family Goal Setting Printable!

Well, it's getting down to the wire!  Do you have a New Year's Resolution to have a happier, healthier family in 2015 but aren't sure where to start?I am SO excited to announce my very first printable to help make your goals a reality!...more

2015 New Year's Resolutions

I Googled "most popular new year's resolutions." I found a usa.gov (here) website that lists Popular New Year's Resolutions to "help you achieve your goals in 2015."  It got me thinking about resolutions I wanted for myself.  For me it's about setting goals, not changing myself.  There are the ones that I usually go for. I thought about not doing a post about resolutions and not making any resolutions at all, but I like having goals....more

On being resolute when it comes to resolutions

Let’s talk about this year, because wow 2014 was the worst year ever.It started on bad luck and ended on terrible luck and if the things that happened in between hadn’t also been so moderately awful, I would almost think it was a joke.But it wasn’t a joke. Month after month, it seemed no one in my family could catch a break....more