Things I Might Do If I Had Time

Happy New Year!  Another year has come and gone, and we get to start fresh again.  Not sure why I always feel so ambitious each January.  Must be all the holiday hype, with talk of resolutions and starting fresh and making a list of things to accomplish.  Each year I resolve to actually do something to better myself.  Each year the list includes eating better and more gym time....more

New Year's Resolutions Revisited

Let's talk about resolutions. I deliberately waited a week to write about this, because I hate the health campaign hype created by PR companies just to get people to buy their client's latest product. This year I've changed the word resolutions to goals. Resolution seem like too much of a commitment and if you're a commitment-phobe like me, you'll never keep them because you'll feel trapped. ...more

Resolutions? What resolutions?

So in all the catch-up blog reading I've been doing since getting back from Hawaii, I've noticed a resounding theme from this past week. What? No, I didn't read any blogs while I was on vacation. Why would I do that? There were way too many hours to be spent lounging by the pool and sun rays to be caught. Duh.But as I was saying... It seems the thing to do this time of year is post either a year-in-review recap or a list of resolutions for the year ahead. Or both. For the overachievers out there....more

Dare to Be an Awesome Orange!

I've seen a trend on blogs this year. Rather than people writing out a long list of unaccomplishable Resolutions, the notion is to pick three, just three, words that are what you want to make the next year about.For instance, you might pick the word health. This would eliminate a handful of specific resolutions such as "I will exercise daily" and "I will eat better" and "I will lower my calorie intake"  and "I will eat a salad every lunch"....more

Cook-Along Recipe for Shrimp With Feta Cheese

For 2012, The Accidental Locavore decided to make eating seafood at least once a week a priority....more

A walk on the wild side.

Happy New Year, friends. I'm sorry to be a few days late wishing you happiness and health for 2012. As with all good intentions, sometimes they take a little while to come to fruition—especially with the kids home from school. A three hour Horse-O-Poly marathon takes precedence over planned writing time, especially when you're quite certain that in a few, quick years—the horse lover will balk at spending New Year's Day in PJs with her parents and little brother....more Thank you, Robin! The one thing to keep in mind is that the logs need to be ...more

The Year of Letting Go

This is my year of letting go. Last year I tried unsuccessfully to bring balance to my life. Holding tighter and fighting harder was not enough. It is finally time to let go instead. I am afraid. Holding on gave me a false sense of control, but it kept me from the abyss. Letting go means I have to face things I have run from for years. Balance seems insignificant in comparison to my panic writing these words, but fear is one of the things I need to let go. ...more
As someone who used to say 'Yes' way too often I completely feel for you! It's still a struggle ...more

Resolutions? Try a Word or Mantra Instead

This post is inspired by my recent comment on the BlogHer Life Well Lived post. A friend of mine recently told me that instead of coming up with new year resolutions that, for her, are inevitably forgotten (which then results in a feeling of failure at the end of the year), she picks a word (or phrase) to live by during the year. Her word for last year was 'Still". Which meant that she was able to focus on...wait for it...being still. ...more
I agree, Laura! It changes one's perspective in such a poignant way... I'm trying to raise my ...more

New Beginnings

 I don’t normally do New Year’s resolutions. I think there’s something noble and worthy about setting goals for the new year, and New Year’s resolutions can be powerful motivators in life, but too many people, myself included, blithely make vague proclamations about what they hope to accomplish without really thinking about what that means, what they want out of life, and what it will take to make it all happen. I feel like it sets up my year for failure. ...more

New Year's Resolutions -- or Not

Every year right around the New Year, standing in the grocery store checkout line, I look at the covers on women’s magazines and smugly think of all the poor women who are slaves to the January walk-off-the-weight, blast-more-fat, burn-belly-fat, declutter-your-house, be-your-best-YOU headlines.  I smile and shake my head pityingly, so glad I’m above all that and won’t be making any self-improvement resolutions....more
@HomeRearedChef Hi, Virginia -- I think we'd all be amazed at the richness of our life's course ...more