How Parenthood Tanks Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. New Year's resolution time. Only this year, I’m not going to buy into the whole make-a-pledge-to-improve-my-life-one-resolution-at-a-time thing. Because this year, I know better. I’m a veteran parent. I’ve been broken in (or maybe just broken) by a now five year old and two-and-a-half-year-old twins. Resolutions are not for people like me. Resolutions are for perky and fit twenty-somethings without kids. Those are the people who make and keep resolutions. Sadly, those are the people who don’t really need to be making them in the first place....more
@victorias_view I like that and think I will adopt that motto!more

Bring Back the Sugar Bowl

Maybe I saw too many shows of Little House on the Prairie, where Mrs. Ingalls got money out of the sugar bowl hidden away in the kitchen cabinet. Or maybe, it was when I was little and first watching TV when The Real McCoys, who lived on a farm, got out the sugar bowl in an emergency. I'm not sure when it was that I was imprinted with the idea of sugar bowl financial security, but it just won't go away......more
@Laine Griffin Yes! Laine, I LOVE Mason jars. They are the best thing in the house and could ...more

Frozen Tundra: The Accidental Locavore Tackles the Freezer

Desperation, coupled with the prospect of a new year and the expectation of resolutions, can be a powerful motivator. With all that in mind, the Accidental Locavore decided to tackle the black-hole of forgotten food, otherwise known as the freezer....more

Welcome 2012: Please Be Kind

New Year’s resolutions always cause me angst. I want to evaluate my life and commit to goals, but I feel such pressure trying to know today my goals for an entire year.My overall goals never change. I always strive to be the best mother, wife, daughter, and friend that I can. This generally leads me to recommitting to working on patience. More than anything, I want kindness to be my gut reaction to all things. This means being kind to myself, too. Too often I am my own worst critic....more

It's January First and I'm Not Resolved

So, all last week I was tossing around ideas about the fabulous post I wanted to write to bring closure to 2011. It didn't happen. The last few days I've been struggling to get anything done and ended up posting absolutely nothing. By the end of the day yesterday I'd decided I was done with one step forward, ten steps back. I decided to stop trying to do anything. I spent a few minutes thinking positive thoughts and tried to get some sleep. The year ended with no celebration (unless you count the silent cheer I made when L. went to sleep with very little fuss). ...more

The Un-Resolution

If there's one thing I've learned about myself lately, it's that I can't do it all.  Not that anyone ever expected me to, but I have a crazed perfectionist syndrome that is hard to suppress.  There is one arena where I have never attempted to achieve much, however, and therefore, not much can be expected of me....more

New Year's Resolutions: Are You Serious?

In the past, I have talked about losing weight and my big plans for how I’d go about that....while stuffing my face.  I’ve talked about building a powerful business, while thinking and playing small focusing on all I couldn’t do.  I’ve talked about quitting got it.....while drinking.I’ve seen others do this as well.  Maybe they even launch out in action for a short time, but then quickly revert to the old behaviors leading to the old results, or worse....more
Absolutely. The action, the means to realize the intentions, is the subject of the next post in ...more

12 fail-proof resolutions for 2012

Seems everybody and his dog is pledging this and resolving that as the year comes to a close. That's cool. So let me begin this final blog post of 2011 with a round of applause for those who resolve to rid themselves of extra pounds or bad habits (smoking, drinking, chronic lateness). Same goes for those who vow to get organized in 2012 or spend more time with family and friends ... and their dogs. As for me, well, I've got a slightly different list. I hereby pledge not to: 1. Grow a ponytail. 2. Dye my hair....more
@DawnsRecipes Your to-do list strategy is hard to beat. Good to know there's something already done.more

Resolving and renewing in 2012

Millions of people are writing this very same post, or will soon....more

New Year's Resolution: Craft Cocktails at Home: AROMA CUCINA

AROMA CUCINA  It's like...well, you know, once you learn and like it, you won't forget and want more! Here's a cocktail primer to get you started.  Be creative, as you would be in cooking, and consider using seasonal ingredients. Follow the classics as a guide for balance and complexity, and adjust from there.  Be part of the cocktail revolution.  After all it is arguably an American invention.  ...more