Denim Day NYC

Denim Day is an annual violence prevention day sponsored by the Los Angeles-based nonprofit Peace Over Violence. Denim Day  focuses on raising awareness about abuse and violence against women and children. Participants are encouraged to wear denim throughout the day.  Especially those who typically don't wear denim. This year I attended the New York awareness event held at Dasha Wellness & Spa. Attendees were decked in their cute denim outfits, ready to help a worthy cause. ...more

Wild, free and wise women play and have fun in New York

Gain The Inside AdvantageLive More Deeply, Joyfully, and SuccessfullyWelcome!...more

How I went to New York and became a cliche

It was my first time in New York City. I came for a work-related conference but was exploring the city by myself at night.I come from a small Appalachian town where public transportation is nonexistent. We drive cars here. So I felt pretty good about having taken the subway, crowded at rush hour, down to the financial district to see the 9-11 memorial. It had closed by the time I got there....more

(CROSSPOST) DUMBO Arts Festival 2013

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What Do You Think of the Proposal to Raise New York's Smoking Age?

Unlike the nationwide drinking age of 21, which was set in 1984 with the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, the smoking age -- meaning, the age in which a person can purchase cigarettes -- still varies from state to state.  46 states and the District of Columbia have a smoking age of 18, whereas Alabama, Alaska, New Jersey and Utah have raised their state smoking age to 19.  New York City may set that smoking age back even further if Mayor Michael Bloomberg can move it with a city council proposal to 21. ...more
Teens, cigarettes and Madison Avenue have a long history. While eyebrows were raised this ...more

Bloomberg's Soda Ban Would've Worked

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Travel Tuesdays - I Heart New York

This week’s installment of “Travel Tuesdays” takes us to New York City.  My second home, and the place (outside of Chicago) that has a firm grasp on my soul....more
I love NY, too.more

Hair Today Gone Today

Last week I had another awesome few days in the city that never sleeps but makes me very tired.  Of course I'm talking about New York baby!  I am always jazzed to be there and am like a woman who has been raised by wolves when I first arrive.  Entering the city by cab from JFK I stare open mouthed at the food carts.  Dude, I'm not talking pretzels and hot dogs,  I'm talking like whole authentic Indian meals now-from a freaking cart!!...more

James Dean in New York

Like many young artists, I ended up in New York, studying painting at Parsons School of Design and learning to live on my own. A lot of my fellow art students were into abstraction, but I was always drawn to figure painting and classic portraiture. I soon discovered that I wasn't really interested in the human body in the sense that a lot of painters, like Philip Pearlstein or Lucian Freud were. I did the class assignments, learning to draw and sketch and sculpt and paint nude models in various contorted postures to better understand their musculature....more

Should we move in together? Yes:3 No:4

Dear Buttons,As a guy in his mid 20′s I find it odd that I’ve never found myself as part of a relationship where I live with a significant other. Part of me feels like couples who move in together after a couple months of dating just happen to be two clingy people that have found each other. What are some of the steps, signs and contrastive topics that couple’s engage in before one moves in with the other or do they just look for and co- sign a lease?thanks!-Ox Dear Ox,...more