New York Travel Tips

I just completed my third trip to New York City and I'm sharing my tips about the things you should and shouldn't do.Check it out here! ...more

East Coast Trip: Day 7

I recently traveled to the east coast for Thanksgiving break and I spent most the days in Washington DC, and two days in New York. Day 7 was spent roaming Central Park, getting gluten free muffins and spending time at the top of the rock....more

A grateful heart: My favorite tour guide

 Nothing like a little 20-something weather with snow flurries to make a<...more

Day Trip to New York in Photos

A train ride into the city.....more

Jet Skipping

Where is the one place you would never want to go on vacation that other people seem to love? I'm really not adverse to traveling anywhere, but for the sake of today's prompt, I'll admit that the first place that came to mind was New York....more

My First Visit to New York wasn't what I expected.

This was my first visit to New York and I went expecting to love it.  Although I hail from a tiny Scottish island, I am a city girl at heart.  I've lived in London, Edinburgh and Amsterdam and loved them all.  I had great expectations from the big apple.  So, it's hard for me to admit this.... I didn't love it.  Sorry.  It just didn't do it for me.  Sorry.  I've thought a lot about why New York and me didn't hit it off and I came to a couple of conclusions. ...more


I hear the kids playing from the daycare two doors away.  Their shrill chatter and screaming are getting on the one nerve that I have left this morning.  I remind myself that they are children and they're playing, having fun.The sky is overcast with the storm still yet to come.  It is stubborn, not yielding, not wanting to let go of the rain.  Days like these grate on me.  They remind me of New York and Beijing.  Seems like their skies are always grey with smog - especially in Beijing....more

Donut on Eddie's Parade

Sitting outside on Eddie’s Parade is one of the most satisfying activities with the coming of warm weather at Fordham University. Add a chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles (from Dunkin Donuts, of course) to the mix and I am one happy happy girl!...more

Denim Day NYC

Denim Day is an annual violence prevention day sponsored by the Los Angeles-based nonprofit Peace Over Violence. Denim Day  focuses on raising awareness about abuse and violence against women and children. Participants are encouraged to wear denim throughout the day.  Especially those who typically don't wear denim. This year I attended the New York awareness event held at Dasha Wellness & Spa. Attendees were decked in their cute denim outfits, ready to help a worthy cause. ...more

Wild, free and wise women play and have fun in New York

Gain The Inside AdvantageLive More Deeply, Joyfully, and SuccessfullyWelcome!...more