Photo VideoBuzz: Best BlogHer12 Trip Ever ~ Follow the Buzz Behind the Buzz ~ Watch

Hair She Goes! to BlogHer12. We’re back Living Atlanta Style but what a way to kick off our 11th season — LIVE  from New York with BlogHer12, a bloggers conference for women....more

New York State of Mind - BlogHer12 here we come!

In less than two weeks, I will be in the big apple, doing a little shopping, a lot of eating and drinking but most importantly, attending BlogHer 12 with my partner in crime Darlynn. We are so excited for the things we will learn, which I will post about in two weeks. But until then, you get to hear a little about our agenda! Today is all about the food. ...more

Is Compassion Inherent or Taught?

Are you a compassionate person? I thought I was until I read an article about one man's observations of human behavior from one city to another. In the first setting, he and his father come upon a homeless man while walking in the city and observes how people respond to the man's predicament. Every person who came upon this man pretended as thought he was invisible. Even his own father observed that whatever happened to this man was was unfortunate, adding that "he just needs to sleep it off".  ...more

Confronting Buddy

This blog is the result of a weekly writing prompt from my writing group for the word confrontation. Enjoy...

Best Picture Dinners: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is not a movie that lends itself to thoughts of a meal. It is a film infused with the images and emotional reminders of what was, for so many, and for the boy at the heart of the film, The Worst Day. But here's the thing of it: when there's emotional upheaval, food can provide comfort. And that's how I decided to design this meal: comfort, inspired mostly by the film, but also by the lives lost that day....more

The Athena Film Festival: Rocking Women in Film

There are not many movies that have left my hands trembling long after the end credits have rolled, trembling both with raw physical emotional response and pure ecstatic inspiration. But writer/director Larysa Kondracki’s film The Whistleblower did just that at the Athena Film Festival Friday night in New York City. ...more

New Yorkers Aren't Rude. They're Efficient.

A few years ago, after a month-long summer vacation in the quiet, peaceful Nova Scotia, where I have family, I deboarded a plane at LaGuardia Airport and set out to find out which bus would take me to the subway. I was tired and spaced out, but I eventually found it, and when I got on, opened my wallet to pull out the $2.25 fare, scrounging for quarters and nickels amidst a pile of Canadian money. After about two minutes of holding up the bus to find my fare, I heard someone yell from the back, "Hurry the hell up!" ...more

New York in the Movies — The Myth, the Legend

Original post on xoxoxo e...more

Home at last in Kensington Brooklyn

The pride of America flying from the front of our houseAfter 3 months living in a ...more
Welcome! I hope your arrival and stay will be an easy transition and a comfortable stay. I am ...more

Some things I noticed in New York

Back in March my pal Bindi and I abandoned our husbands to ten days of looking after themselves, while we took a little jaunt of our own off to New Yor...more