Crochet pouches

Hello Crafty Blogher readers, I recently posted new items to my shop and wanted to share them with you.  Please allow me introduce myself first for those of you who haven't seen my posts yet. My name is Monica and I graduated with a degree in dance and minor in studio art. I was lucky to be able to do post-college studies in Natural Sciences and Sociology....more

valentine love graffiti style

Real Estate.

I don't usually write about "New York" experiences because well, as I've said, I don't really believe there's all that much that is utterly, uniquely New York. It's great and all but every big city has it's perks and life is life anywhere you go.However, I believe that yesterday's experience is one of the few times in my life that I've sincerely said to myself, "Only in New York."...more

Another New Beginning

It’s February 28th 2010. I’m 32.5 years old, a wife, recently unemployed (by choice) and 23 weeks pregnant with my first child....more

Love OR ...

When my boyfriend told me that every birthday after 21 is not so important or fun... I didnt believe him. But... as I am sitting here 19 minutes into my 22nd birthday, I am writing to say that yes, this birthday sucks so far. Maybe because I havent really planned anything or because my day falls the day before Christmas Eve, but he. was. right....more

ME 50?!?

2010 began with the usual cautious optimism. Suffering from a case of terminal unemployment I was already feeling used up and obsolete, but the real panic set in as my birthday approached. Lets face it, birthdays are no longer the “best day of the year next to Christmas.” Once you can legally drink and sign for an apartment its all down hill from there. But this birthday was like no other I had experienced because this was THAT birthday. Yes several months ago I turned the big five oh…oh no!...more

love and laughter in the bronx

I absolutely adore going back to visit the city. People always ask me if I miss living there. The answer is: sometimes. There are times when I miss it a lot. Especially when I look back through old pictures of my wonderful friends and I doing something awesome in the city. Then there are times when I'm driving to work and I don't pass a single car... and I don't miss the hustle and bustle. Basically, I am so glad that I got to live there while I was in college. For me, it was the perfect age to fully enjoy the madness. I loved it with a passion. ...more