5 misconceptions I'm glad I no longer have about New York

Times Square - the grungy city of lights that is only some of New YorkNew York is a city that I hav...more
@lainierenee thanks! Remains to be seen how permanent of a move it will be, definitely here ...more

Behind the Scenes: A Travel Writer Press Junket

When I mention that I write travel features for magazines and newspapers, I invariably hear one of two responses: “If you ever need someone to come along, call me!” or “That’s what I’ve always wanted to do.” Everyone, it seems, yearns to be a travel writer. You get paid to eat at a passel of restaurants, indulge in fancy hotels, and snare lots of swag, right?...more
Sounds like two great nights! I really enjoyed reading about the press junket! Thanks for giving ...more

Gourmet Live/BlogHer New York Recipe: Apple Celery Granita

Gourmet Live and BlogHer have joined forces to take you on a culinary road trip. We're making monthly stops across the country to bring you insider tips from local bloggers about the can't-miss restaurants and the local food scene. Explore the destinations that define each city's cuisine with Gourmet Live and BlogHer as your guides -- and get this refreshing New York recipe from Gourmet.com now. ...more
This is so perfect for the hot fall weather we're having in SF right now - I wish I wish I wish ...more

"Let sleeping giants lie"

"Let sleeping giants lie"Peaceful is the Giant who sleeps beneath the towers who's rumble awoken in great sorrow.Peaceful is the Giant who sleeps at it's nations capital, to awaken in shock to the horrors in disbelief....more

streetstyle t-shirt of the week: happy 4th of july!

a yankee doodle dandy. Happy 235th Birthday, America! Happy 125th Birthday, Statue of Liberty!...more

The Case of the Missing Cookies!

Sending Cece across the country with a few dozen of the family favorite biscotti is a very dangerous proposition!    Cece was asked to make the cookies and bring then across from New Mexico.  Simple enough right?The problem was though,  that Cece kept giving the biscotti away.  She gave some to friends in New Mexico, some to a friend who drove her to the airport, and some to people she met at the airport and in the plane....more

Do New Yorkers Love to Eat & Talk About It? - AROMA CUCINA

AROMA CUCINA http://bit.ly/jznSUC Call to arms! The IACP Convention is in NYC (3/29-4/2/2012) and we need volunteers to pitch in and make this event go viral! So let's raise our forks, spoons, and knives (carefully, please) and let the world know that New York is truly the center of the food universe. Contact us to get involved....more

"When We Need Reminding Sometimes The Universe Knocks" -the story of a brave 15 year old by Tracey Jackson


150 Minutes of Pure Yoga

A few weeks ago I read about a series of free events taking place at a New York City yoga studio that I'd heard a lot about: Pure Yoga....more