Project Nice

Project Nice started as a personal inside joke, a way to stay sane while I adjusted to British culture. I'm Southern, and when I first moved over there the reserve baffled me (nine years later only my friends knew I was American so I did adapt). They don't make eye contact, and the social structure was at the time rather rigid....more

It doesn't hurt to smile or brightens one day. I love Project Nice!more

Glee - Season 2, Episode 22 'New York' Songs Finale

Mom Melissa loves to this! I am actually chatting with her minutes before she posted this one, and I can clearly see in her eyes how excited she was. She is always saying that Glee is more than a TV show for her, it’s her life.'Glee' directs to Nationals this week in the finale episode of season two of the famous Fox series, and, as anticipated, the show will be loaded with well-known faces and powerhouse teamwork. Who is not excited with this?...more

I absolutely loved the the duet "For Good" by Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer that was FAB.
And I ...more

Savage Beauty: The Alexander McQueen Exhibition

Last week, I took a few days off and traveled to New York. Surprisingly, I had never been there before, and I was dying to see the Alexander McQueen retrospective at The Metropolitan Museum of Art....more

Reality tv shaping opinions?

Hulu Plus is now on xbox, and when I realized that the first 4 seasons of the Real World were available, my heart literally jumped. The first season of the Real World was the first tv show I really loved. It was with that season that my love of New York City was born. I was about 10 or 11 when the show first aired, and I thought these people were the epitome of cool. I realize now that the oldest cast member was 3 years younger than I am now, but watching the show again, they STILL seem crazy smart and "with it". I almost hate to admit it, but that season shaped a lot of my opinions....more

Crochet pouches

Hello Crafty Blogher readers, I recently posted new items to my shop and wanted to share them with you.  Please allow me introduce myself first for those of you who haven't seen my posts yet. My name is Monica and I graduated with a degree in dance and minor in studio art. I was lucky to be able to do post-college studies in Natural Sciences and Sociology....more