ME 50?!?

2010 began with the usual cautious optimism. Suffering from a case of terminal unemployment I was already feeling used up and obsolete, but the real panic set in as my birthday approached. Lets face it, birthdays are no longer the “best day of the year next to Christmas.” Once you can legally drink and sign for an apartment its all down hill from there. But this birthday was like no other I had experienced because this was THAT birthday. Yes several months ago I turned the big five oh…oh no!...more

love and laughter in the bronx

I absolutely adore going back to visit the city. People always ask me if I miss living there. The answer is: sometimes. There are times when I miss it a lot. Especially when I look back through old pictures of my wonderful friends and I doing something awesome in the city. Then there are times when I'm driving to work and I don't pass a single car... and I don't miss the hustle and bustle. Basically, I am so glad that I got to live there while I was in college. For me, it was the perfect age to fully enjoy the madness. I loved it with a passion. ...more

Join BlogHers December 7: Celebrate the Holiday Season in San Francisco and New York

BlogHer's annual holiday meet-ups are back!  So join us in celebrating the holiday season with your blogging buddies! ...more

Excited to hear you still got together in Albuquerque.

We got another 250 books to donate to ...more

Our Comfortable Connection: The Information You Post Online Could Be Used Against You

Minnesota Snow Storm On Saturday morning, we awoke to a snow storm; our first snow of the season. This is not an unexpected event in Minnesota....more

Accidents Happen…or Maybe Not: A Child’s Standard of Care; Menagh v. Breitman

The Milestone One of the things that threatens my autonomous control as a mother most of all is the bike....more

like sugar and spice delights

Visual display delights from the boutique, "Miss Hoe." What makes a boutique stand out from the crowd?...more

3 Incumbents Who Voted Against Women's Health and Now Need to Be Voted Out

In 2002, the New York State Senate voted on the Women’s Health and Wellness Act....more

Why Redistricting is a Women's Issue

Although Barbara Bartoletti of the NY League of Women Voters apparently admitted yesterday that redistricting isn’t the sexiest of topics, it is one that has a big impact on women in New York (and in other states across the nation!).  Redistricting happens every ten years, when the new census results are received and districts need to be readjusted to account for population changes.  At least that’s the theory.  In practice in...more

Why Women Legislators Matter

In a column in the New York Times this summer, Nicholas Kristoff wrote, “Nearly all of us root for fairness, not for our own sex,” and I think most people agree that there is a fundamental fairness to wanting a legislature that  reflects the full range of people living in the state....more

Women Candidates Demand Opponents Disavow Extremist Gubernatorial Candidate

Women candidates for the New York State Senate like Didi Barrett, Joanne Yepsen, Robin Wilt, and Jennifer Maertz, have been calling on their Republican opponents to disavow the Rep...more