Why Redistricting is a Women's Issue

Although Barbara Bartoletti of the NY League of Women Voters apparently admitted yesterday that redistricting isn’t the sexiest of topics, it is one that has a big impact on women in New York (and in other states across the nation!).  Redistricting happens every ten years, when the new census results are received and districts need to be readjusted to account for population changes.  At least that’s the theory.  In practice in...more

Why Women Legislators Matter

In a column in the New York Times this summer, Nicholas Kristoff wrote, “Nearly all of us root for fairness, not for our own sex,” and I think most people agree that there is a fundamental fairness to wanting a legislature that  reflects the full range of people living in the state....more

Women Candidates Demand Opponents Disavow Extremist Gubernatorial Candidate

Women candidates for the New York State Senate like Didi Barrett, Joanne Yepsen, Robin Wilt, and Jennifer Maertz, have been calling on their Republican opponents to disavow the Rep...more

Getting New York Above 16%

Crossposted at 16% and Rising Women currently make up only 16% of the New York State Senate—that’s only 10 out of 62.  The only states with legislatures more heavily dominated by men? Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.*...more

9/11 Revisited

It was early in the morning, just after 6:00am.  I saw the first plane hit the towers.  Frozen I did not know what was happening.  Then the 2nd plane hit.  Husband knew it was terrorists – my brain switched off. I heard possibly 50,000 died.  I could not compute it.  50,000.  The horror of it!  Men, women and children.  I could not stand to watch, I could not stand not to watch....more

It was a horrible day. Everyone has a personal story. I feel for the people who lost loved ...more

Tell Mott's You Want Your Apple Sauce Without Classism

On May 23, three hundred workers from Mott’s apple sauce and juice plant in Williamson, New York, went on strike. Their complaint? A major slash in pay and benefits -- even though Dr. Pepper Snapple, the parent company of Mott’s, brought in a record profit last year. ...more

didn't think you were being argumentative, and hope i didn't come off that way either you raise ...more

What's going on over at Sexis Magazine - August 23th Edition

Not ready to start your week off quite yet? Looking for a little distraction from working on your Monday morning to-do list? I’ve got the perfect thing to keep you entertained—The Sexis Round-Up! It’s a collection of everything that happened last week on SexIs Magazine so you can catch anything you might have missed!...more

Great Spots for Kids in New York City

After I attended the BlogHer '10 conference in NYC, my family joined me for several days of sight-seeing afterwards.  We had a blast!  Here's what we did:   Times Square...more

I remember going to Jing Fong for my friend's rehearsal dinner. So good!

Just a couple weeks ...more

Mosque. Enough Already.

The other day I was talking to my husband about the proposed Mosque which may be built near ground zero in New York. <a href="http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/category/ground-zero-mosque/">HERE</a> is a story which can catch you up if you have been under a rock for the past few weeks. I had mentioned that I was getting pretty tired of the debate and the spewing of hatred and racism coming from said debate. I understand the opposers' point of view....more

I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong with these videos...please bare with ...more