Fake News is Becoming Too Real

Fake news is a problem that is taking the internet by storm, and it ran rampant during the 2016 Presidential Election. In fact, many believe that fake news stories had a strong impact on the outcome of the election. In a survey following the election by the Pew Research Center, a whopping 64 percent of polled Americans said that fake news has given them a “great deal of confusion” about current events....more

The obsession over parenting

I (clearly) read too many parenting articles. I read them because I enjoy them; I read them hoping to learn something new; I read them for this blog. So, when I saw an article around the American obsession with parenting, I had to click on it....more

A Lesson in Democracy

I was wrong, and I’m thrilled about it.As I explained earlier this week, I am always wrong about my political predictions.  I am as shocked at everyone else that Great Britain chose to leave the European Union and take back its nation.  And today I raise a cheer for democracy.The word “democracy” hails from the Greek root demos, meaning “people.”  That is what’s so great about national referenda like the one that occurred in Britain on Thursday.  The people, not the politicos, get to decide....more

Social Media has become the source for news

It seems that we hear about the news on social media first. It can be both sad and exciting at the same time. I sit here and wonder how people before social media and technology dealt with the news. I think back to when 9/11 happened and how we heard about it on television; that seemed to be the only way news happened then. ...more

Absolutely No News Is The Best News

Absolutely No News Is The Best NewsShould you be avoiding the news?I’ve been preaching this month about how mothers should read more news, and talk about the news, and how being a parent has changed my reading habits, but when I googled the term news earlier I found an article from The Guardian that contradicts all that I’ve been saying....more

How Being A Parent Made Me Change My Reading Habits

How Being A Parent Made Me Change My Reading HabitsBeing a parent makes you change a lot of things in your life, but the most surprising thing that changed for me was how it made me change my reading habits, especially with the news....more

Why Moms Should Be Talking About The News

Why Moms Should Be Talking About The NewsThe life of a mom, especially a stay at home mom is really isolating. Your focus is on your children and what’s going on with them so often that you lose track of current events and many times are no longer an adult, but just a mom.  It’s important though not to fall into the abyss of motherhood.  Moms should be talking about the news....more

Video: Animals trapped in the Fort McMurray Fire

ModVegan's latest YouTube video, discussing the animals trapped in the Fort McMurray fire and how to prepare for your pets in case of emergencies.Unfortunately, the fire has been worsening over the past few days, so it's likely pets are still in danger. ...more

Why I Limit My News

**First, let me start by saying that the hard stories should be reported. This post is about my personal reaction to them and what steps I took to maintain a healthy emotional outlook on life. I am NOT suggesting we bury our heads in the sand. I'm simply stating that we should find a healthy balance between dwelling on the horrible reports and being naive. If you have already found that balance naturally, that's great. This post is for those who struggle with dwelling on the  news  reports.** ...more
I don't watch the news on television ever, because I can't stomach any kind of violence (which ...more

Sunday Morning Sip & Skim: January 17

Happy Sunday! It's cooler in Florida this morning, but I'm still sipping on this Salted Caramel Iced Coffee from TidyMom. Are you sipping & skimming this morning? Share your photos on social media using #SundaySipAndSkim Let's rise and shine this morning with this week's best stories....more