In the news...Audrey, Hepburn, Portraits of an Icon

In The News…is a portion of my blog, little snip-its or interesting tid-bits if you will, of things that might be going on now….enjoy!Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an IconI have long adored Audrey Hepburn, in fact “My Mantra” is a quote from her:Nothing is impossible,the word itself says“I’m possible”!~Audrey Hepburn~...more

Mindfully being.

It’s no secret that I am an incredibly sensitive, empathetic person. Which, as we know, can be both a blessing and a curse. The news lately has been heavily weighing on me. Certain news stories are triggering hard emotions – but I can’t stop reading. Social media can do similar things. I adore social media and have found it priceless in my ability to connect with others – but reading about others’ experiences, often negative ones, as people tend to post on social media, has felt taxing....more

The Problem with the Baltimore Riots

Okay, kids.I wasn’t going to post about this.I wasn’t going to touch it with a ten foot pole.I’d maybe make a quick mention of it in my weekly round up, but other than that?Nope.No, thank you.Nuh-uh.No way.And now, what do I go ahead and do? I go ahead and post about it. Against my better judgment. Fully unprepared. I don’t even have an inkling of what I’m going to say, and yet I feel the need to say it.These Baltimore Riots?Inexcusable. Disgusting. Shameful....more

Arrests in Murder of Three Week Old Baby Kidnapped, Killed, Stuffed in a Trash Bag, and Tossed in a Dumpster

UPDATE: Three Weeks Old. Kidnapped, Killed, Stuffed in a Trash Bag, and Tossed in a Dumpster “Murdered baby was kidnapped for woman’s false pregnancy.”...more

Worthy News

Today's Prompt :How do you get your news right now? How does it differ from 10 years ago?I will break this out a bit because this is really about what we care about and our point of view. ...more

3 Reasons Why Twitter Is My New Obsession

Are you a Twitter lover?  I had a Twitter account for several years  but never used it.  What was the point?  I didn't think the world needed to know what I ate for breakfast.  Yes, Twitter could be used for over sharing,  but it is far more valuable than that. Twitter is great source of real news and useful information.  ...more

Things that made me go, "Hmm..." - Week 18

Okay, so… for this week’s post I received help from…NO ONE. Thanks a lot, Bloggity Peeps. Good thing I’m on top of it, otherwise, all ya’ll would be missing out on one heck of an awesome post. YOU’RE WELCOME, BLOGOSPHERE…So, without further adieu, (Ooh… there I go, gettin’ all fancy again…) here’s what made me go, “Hmm…” this week....more

22 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From a TV Reporter

People think when you’re on TV you have hair and makeup standing by, and someone is there telling you what to say, and you’re just a face on TV – someone else did all the work. Not true. At least in my case. ...more
ohthesimplejoys Haha - it's quite an experience!more

Blog Updates You Should Care About if You Care At All About the Future of Humanity

Okay, so maybe that’s overstating it a bit, but if you’re reading this post, I’m pretty sure it did the trick. Also? If Jon Hamm cares enough about these things to make an appearance on my blog and stare at you sternly, pretty sure it’s something you should care about as well. But maybe that’s just me.So, a couple of things you should be aware of…...more