Bob Costas’s Eyes 2 Red 2 Work

NBC sportscaster Bob Costas is taking the night off in the middle of the Olympics!Costas ( a fellow Commack HS South alum) is apparently turning the prime time coverage over toToday show host Matt Lauer tonight because of a bad case of pink eye:...more

Cancer Diagnosis for Tom Brokar

Veteran NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw revealed that he is being treated for a bone marrow cancer called multiple myeloma. Brokaw was diagnosed in August 2013  at the Mayo Clinic. Doctors are “optimistic” about the outcome of the treatment he is receiving....more


I realize my blog posts have become sporadic and random lately...While Papa is a Preacher is the equivalent of "home" for me on the internet, it has been exciting to be so busy at "home" (and it's surrounding areas outside of my comfort zone) in the real world.      I'm currently a piano teacher teaching intro to piano to kids, and also hold a position as a Social Media TA at my school. This spring I have started my second year of university (what?!) and am enjoying school immensely....more

Best & Worst Diets for 2014

The US News and World Report has given their best and worst diets for 2014.  And on top is the DASH Diet.  I totally agree, and the reason I think the DASH diet is so great is because not only do you lose weight, but it’s also the best diet for your overall health & wellness.   ...more

A Fast and Furious, fiery death for Paul Walker

By: Denise N. Fyffe.Copyright © 2013, Denise N. Fyffe...more

New Study: Internet Use Connected to Cancer Prevention

Finally, some good news about internet use.  We hear so much about the negative affects of technology and internet use on our lives, but maybe soon we will be hearing more about the positive affects too.  Maybe we will even find that the positive affects of internet use, outweigh the negative?   Today we find out about a study that actually links being an internet user to cancer prevention....more

The Government Shutdown Diet

[meat inspector magnet via Zazzle] ...more

Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post Sale: Why It's A Good Thing

The announcement earlier this week that founder Jeff Bezos was going to purchase the Washington Post for $250 million hit news junkies, Washington insiders and media pundits with the punch of a stack of extras tossed on a street corner. Image Credit: Adam Glanzman via Flickr ...more

Take a page from Talia's book

Yesterday was a sad day. Talia Castellano lost her battle to cancer. She was 13.I didn’t know her personally but I watched her videos on YouTube, her username was and is taliajoy18. And that she was a breath of fresh air and joy for all of us. With her strength and courage she showed people that just because fate has dealt you a bad hand you can still do great things.Let her lead you by example, whether you are a teen or an adult like me. Live and do great things, don’t hide behind excuses, take a chance and do something with your life....more
@Denise  It's always said when things like this happen to younger people. My heart goes to her ...more

We Didn't Start the Fire

We Didn't Start the Fire...more