Explaining Madness to Innocence

Explaining Madness to Innocence  I think that we all know what evil is. We have a sense of what's evil, and certainly killing innocent people is evil. We're less sure about what is good. There's sort of good, good enough, could be better - but absolute good is a little harder to define.  ~Madeleine Albright...more

Bloomberg's War on Moms

Mayor Bloomberg showed his usurpation of power and lack of common sense when he banned soda for the good of the people....more
Oh and I want to add that I agree with soooo much of what you said. I am angry about 90% of the ...more

A Day Too Soon

As part of a wonderful blog hop of prompts I answered the question yesterday: If you were president or prime minister for a day, what's one law you would change?   My orginal post unedited is below, when I woke up this morning with news of largest shooting in US history I thought about how important what I wrote is and I really hope my kids follow my advice.    ...more
Agh! My bestest new friend from BlogHer '12! I SO appreciate you Tweeting and coming to visit. ...more

Publicly Stand Up For What You Believe In!

I keep getting asked this question:"Do you think using the media is good way to spread an important message?"...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” News Comes Unexpectedly 6-17-12

Financial security and respect for money goes the distance today.News comes unexpectedly with a visit, calls or email; including socializing.Opposing Energies: Miserly, dishonesty, discontent.Rather than expect so much from a life of discontent, examine yourself.If your life or career has no life; remove yourself from it in thought, and reflect in self examination.Wide Awake Words™ for today: Perseverance, stamina, optimism.Any plans not materializing were not meant to happen....more

China's First Woman in Space

Liu Yang becomes the first female astronaut in China to launch into space. This spaceflight will have her and two other astronauts dock at the Tiangong space lab where her role is to conduct medical experiments. Already a fighter pilot she was familiar with time in the sky, this is taking her even higher!...more

Too Much Media (Poetry)

I don't want your news, I want your sinews, the substance,muscle, life giving tissuethat will that will help resolve my issuegive me the fresh lifethe moment that inspiration strikesyou to move.  I don't want your music or your grooveif it can't sooth a sorrowful moodGive me life....more

4-Year Old Boy Positive For Cocaine :(

There are few times when writing makes me cringe.This is one of them.Basing from the title, you understand why.Last week we touched on why parents don’t let kids play much outside.One of the reasons was fear of putting children in danger whether it be accidents or criminals.And while I’d like to think every parent struggles with managing such fears, there are a few who seem to manage well – to the point of endangering their children....more

Miracle Baby: Little Girl Born Without Blood

We know what you're thinking: How is that even possible?Last September 10, 2011, a little girl called Olivia Norton was born in the UK without blood says Independent.ie.When she came into the world, she was "ghost white" and had a weak pulse. Doctors said she only had 2 hours to live.Fortunately, the baby born with this rare condition is now a happy and healthy 6-month old.How was she born without blood?...more
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On Being Frugal, And Other News