China's First Woman in Space

Liu Yang becomes the first female astronaut in China to launch into space. This spaceflight will have her and two other astronauts dock at the Tiangong space lab where her role is to conduct medical experiments. Already a fighter pilot she was familiar with time in the sky, this is taking her even higher!...more

Too Much Media (Poetry)

I don't want your news, I want your sinews, the substance,muscle, life giving tissuethat will that will help resolve my issuegive me the fresh lifethe moment that inspiration strikesyou to move.  I don't want your music or your grooveif it can't sooth a sorrowful moodGive me life....more

4-Year Old Boy Positive For Cocaine :(

There are few times when writing makes me cringe.This is one of them.Basing from the title, you understand why.Last week we touched on why parents don’t let kids play much outside.One of the reasons was fear of putting children in danger whether it be accidents or criminals.And while I’d like to think every parent struggles with managing such fears, there are a few who seem to manage well – to the point of endangering their children....more

Miracle Baby: Little Girl Born Without Blood

We know what you're thinking: How is that even possible?Last September 10, 2011, a little girl called Olivia Norton was born in the UK without blood says she came into the world, she was "ghost white" and had a weak pulse. Doctors said she only had 2 hours to live.Fortunately, the baby born with this rare condition is now a happy and healthy 6-month old.How was she born without blood?...more
 @JourneyofLife I'm glad you learned something new! Thank you for reading and leaving a comment ...more

On Being Frugal, And Other News

What news, magazines or apps are you reading to stay current

Today, I had planned to post a blog about something really fun for my kids but after dealing with a terrible twos tantrum, colic and then a 5-year old meltdown, I felt the need to write about something more pertinent for parents....more

The denial of citizenship, and the power of paranoia

In this country we live in, we sometimes forget that we are, by and large, a nation of immigrants.  Very few of us can claim "we were here first", and everyone else is a late-coming outsider.The vast majority of U.S. citizens can trace their family lines to another place and time.And yet, we forget this.We want to close borders and build walls and legislate who can and cannot enter.  There is a paranoia that comes from talk about immigration, as though it is now something to be threatened by....more

Minorities Hating Minorities

So you've heard about the case in the news where this Indian student filmed his roommate with another man and threatened to broadcast it live.  The roommate ended up jumping off a bridge.  The kid who filmed him ended up getting like ten years in jail for a hate crime and invasion of privacy....more

Rush Limbaugh Continues to Lose Advertisers

When I heard that “entertainer” Rush Limbaugh was continuing to pay a price for his recent slut comment, my only surprise came when I heard the list of prestige companies that advertised with him in the first place. Limbaugh’s show truly is an illustration of the expression “nothing succeeds like success.” I rarely agree with him, but the man does bring in the numbers and that’s all that counts in some sectors....more

Rip Whitney Houston

What a strange night, I was drinking a glass of Moscato, and playing around Facebook when a cousin posted Whitney Houston Dies at age 48. I had to do a double take, Whitney Houston? She is dead? That had to be a hoax, I thought. Unfortunatley, it was not. She was found dead at a Beverly Hill hotel,cause of death is still unknown, she was 48. So, I read the work up they did on US disappointing. Not a good piece of work in my opinion....more