Shame On You, NFL - Again!

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First she was considered for the job, then she was offered the job.  Line judge Sarah Thomas became the first full-time female official for the NFL.  She was hired along with 8 male officials, for the upcoming season.  The news is a twitter over it, and rightly so - it's pretty groundbreaking stuff!It appears she's qualified, experienced, and equally capable of the position - even good at it.  I'm all for this kind of girl power.  ...more

The NFL's Steps Against Domestic Violence Aren't Enough

Whether you watched the Super Bowl for the game, for the commercials, for the halftime show, or perhaps not at all, chances are you saw or heard about the first anti-domestic violence commercial that aired during the big event. The commercial was sponsored by NO MORE in partnership with the NFL. It was placed among many other hard-hitting commercials that stood out in stark contrast to the normally comedic advertisements. If you missed it, you can watch the chilling video here: ...more

NFL Not For Lust


12 Draft Prospects The Patriots Should Look At

When it comes to the NFL Draft no one person in particular really knows who will be stars and who will end up the next bust. Even harder to predict is who Bill Belichick will take with his allotted picks, especially when looking at previous draft headscratchers such as Tavon Wilson and Duron Harmon. Nevertheless some prospects always pan out better than others so here's my list of players who I think have great potential, and should be targeted by the Patriots in the upcoming 2014 draft....more

Phil Kessel Trade Keeps on Giving For Boston Bruins

Back in 2009 when the bruins traded Phil Kessel for three draft picks many Bruins fans were upset to let go of the prodigious offensive talent. Yet most fans see the trade as a success today, and this has only become more apparent with the new Tyler Seguin trade as the Kessel deal to Toronto Keeps on Giving....more

Patriots top 7 players of 2013-2014

The Patriot season has come to a close unfortunately so this likely will be one of the few non-draft/free agent related articles that I write on the Patriots until next season. Nonetheless the Patriots had another stellar season (by league standards) and had many surprise successes and failures. Here's who I think are the top 7 Patriots players of the 2013-2014 season.Patriots - Broncos What Went Wrong...more