Expanding the NFL playoffs would ruin competition


Nfl Playoffs --- Divisional Round Predictions


Keys to a Patriot Victory against Indy

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4 Reasons why Brandon Spikes Absence is Managable

Check out my site http://nepatstalk.comBrandon Spikes unfortunately was placed on the season ending Injury reserve this week, several days before the Patriots face off against the Colts. Luckily for the Patriots they should have no problem surviving for these 4 reasons....more

Nfl Playoffs --- First Round Picks

Colts beat Chiefs --- the Chiefs come into this matchup an improved team from last season with a stellar pass rush, but Andrew Luck is adept at moving around in and escaping the pocket. Luck'a creativity outside the pocket and play making ability neutralizes the Kansas City pass rush and allows the Colts to sneak by with a victory....more

Does Troy Polamalu Deserve Another Pro-Bowl?

Troy Polamalu is viewed by many as an elite safety in the NFL and in some ways he is an extremely good play maker but the same instinct that makes him a great play maker also makes him susceptible to fakes, misdirections, and locking on to the quarterback. I believe these faults are consistently overlooked by NFL analyst. Here are three examples of mental lapses and over aggression by Troy Polamalu. Although these examples are only from the Patriots matchup earlier in the season they are examples of the common type of mistakes made by Polamalu on a weekly basis...more

Dont'a Hightower - Underrated Player of the Week

http://nepatstalk.com/2013/12/danta-hightower-overunderrated-monday/It's Monday so it's my day too write about a player who I feel is over/underrated. Last week it was Wes Welker. This week it's Dont'a Hightower, linebacker for the New England Patriots....more

You Don't Know Me (but I can change that) Part 2

No, you DON’T know me…but I can change that.I may look familiar, but you don’t know me.  You don’t know my kid. You may see us, and think you can judge, based on appearances, but things aren’t always what they seem.Instead of getting angry, instead of feeling defeated, I can change that, or at least I can try....more
pamodeo thanks for taking time to share your story too- not all handicaps are visible, and they ...more

No, you DON'T Know Me

I guess I have one of those familiar faces, because I seem to get it a lot. The head cocked to one side, the awkward pause, then “Do I know you?”Normally that comes after I get that strange feeling like someone is staring at the back of my head....more
@Robin Black thanks for taking time to comment! I agree to a degree, but being semi-famous has ...more