Welcome to Mars featuring Buzz Aldrin

Space travel is becoming more of a reality. Visiting Mars could be just a few years away. Buzz Aldrin knows all about traveling through space....more

Book review: The Wright Brothers by David McCullough

Everybody sort of knows the story of the Wright Brothers but in listening to this book I realized that I didn't know much about them as people....more

Nonfiction Titles to Get Your Book Club Talking

I've mentioned it here before, but I strongly believe that nonfiction titles can be great for book club discussions. Sadly, they tend to get overlooked when clubs are picking out their reads. I get it....more

5 Great New Books to Read During Black History Month 2015

February is Black History Month, and there are some brand-new independently published books that you won't want to miss. New stories about the Underground Railroad, Sojourner Truth, the struggle for voting rights in Selma, and even a new soul food cookbook have hit the shelves … and I'm busting at the bindings to tell you about them all. (See what I did there?) ...more
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Recounting Tales of Sex & Love

 As a married woman the though of spending a moment with each of my lovers may seem an inappropritate one. In fact, as I published my first book, A Moment With Each of My Lovers, on Kindle just a couple weeks ago, the number one question I got from friends was, "Doesn't your husband mind?!" ...more

What I Will (And Won't) Read in Bed

You get settled in bed with a shiny new book. Before you crack open the cover you tell yourself you are just going to read a few chapters. You start reading and the next thing you know you've read a good chunk of the book. You avoid looking at the clock, telling yourself that you'll just read one more chapter. And then another. And then another. When you finally tear yourself away from the book it's after midnight and you know you are really going to hate the alarm clock in the morning. Sound familiar? Welcome to my world and the reason why I've had to completely revamp my reading in bed criteria. ...more
I was just thinking about this the other night! Especially now, being pregnant, reading certain ...more