The Birth of an Idea in Midlife

Many of us are inspired to begin businesses when we have children due to our new life perspectives and experiences.75 weeks ago, in the spring of 2012 I gave birth to an idea that has grown to over a hundred articles and contributors.At age 40 my life changed with the birth of my first son and by age 44, life looked completely different with two more children (a girl and a boy) in our family. I had been part of a childless couple for many years so one might say the change was drastic. Along the four-year journey I took some time to reflect.In my midlife, I’ve learned to better trust my intuition more than any other time in my life.Over and over I reminded myself that when I am positive and optimistic, great things happen. During my first pregnancy, a traditionally trained obstetrician overtly gave me the “advanced maternal age” stamp. Somehow she felt compelled to share general risk statistics with me at each prenatal visit though they were at complete odds with my health and medical history; she had been my gynecologist for over 10 years. If I listened to her, I certainly would have developed a stress-induced condition. Instead, I was empowered to overcome any barrier that came my way. How could I improve the odds of not developing one of many conditions that rise with pregnancy after 35 such as hypertension or gestational diabetes?I took care of myself with ample sleep, water, a healthy diet and exercise, including brisk walking, swimming and yoga.Being older meant that I knew myself better and was more resourceful and determined to be healthy. I felt compelled to tell people that I was 40 and having my first child. Once born, I showed him off, raved about his APGAR scores, our glowing health, and told a story of risk factors unfulfilled.By age 43 I was pregnant with my second son (surprise!) and wanted the same healthy outcome. I the challenges were greater. This time, our first son was 3 years old and we cared for an infant girl who we were fostering and trying to adopt. I had founded one business and was recruited to help start a second one that same year. Wow, what a busy time it was!Again, I surrounded myself with resources, more than the first time, including a very supportive team of an OB, midwife, massage therapist, doctor of oriental medicine (for acupuncture) and a prenatal yoga instructor.With another healthy outcome under my belt just one month shy of my 44th birthday, I was proud of myself, my bundle of joy, and even more vocal....more

Dancing in Tom’s Footsteps: A Successful Cause Marketing Campaign

Not long ago we wrote an article about branding and included Tom’s shoes as an example of a successfully implemented unique selling proposition. Their charity appeals to the philanthropist in many, and helps motivate a buyer to choose Tom’s over a similar shoe due in part to the successful branding. Let’s dig deeper into Tom’s charities and find out what it is that they do for the world and how they do it....more

How to Use Pinterest For Your Nonprofit

We would never venture to say that men are not philanthropic, but studies (like this one from IUPU) have shown women to be more likely to give to charities. That being said, with Pinterest being majority women, it seems a very good place to promote your nonprofit! So how do we best utilize Pinterest to promote nonprofits? You must first decide if your nonprofit is a good fit for Pinterest by evaluating if your organization can tell a story with images....more

Template Terror - Need Suggestions Please

We are searching for a more effective WordPress template for our nonprofit organization and I'm at a loss. Or on overwhelm. Or both.We are a Pittsburgh based organization that collects new and gently used tote bags for distribution to the region's food pantries - our mission is both to fight hunger and fight for the environment. We are all volunteer, minimal budget and very collaboration oriented. We've collected 26,000 bags in 20 months. ...more

Social Media for Social Good in 2012

I’ve seen tremendous social media good in 2012.  Like others, this year I found myself using my blog, Twitter, Facebook, even Instagram, to give back. I now write with two organizations, The Mission List and Charitable Influence, using social media to champion social causes. Perhaps, once and for all, we’re putting the notion of someone being “just a blogger” to rest. Be the change. Blog the change. ...more
This is so true.  Technology and  social media have totally changed the way we raise awareness ...more

Where Crayons are Precious: a Story from Haiti

One day last October, I sat in a church in Haiti, watching a crowd of teachers line up at the doors. Kids from the nearby tents gathered behind the crowd, curious to know what was happening. The church was the only building in the area where the Haiti Empowerment Project team could conduct a day of professional development for the tent community teachers of Croix-des-Bouquets. Most of the participants arrived early. They had been working for months in the harshest of conditions without pay and without resources. For them, this was a special day....more
@benchesboards fabulous - I'll follow your twitter account and look forward to reading those ...more

What's so funny about peace, love, and public policy?

So you are thinking about starting a nonprofit?  ...more

Doing Good: MindUp Project

Doing good in the world feels good!  After meeting Goldie Hawn via Twitter (see Touched by Twitter Stardust for more) I decided I want to help a little with sharing twhat she's doing right now via The Hawn Foundation. There's a bargain in it for you if you can make this event in NYC. I make no money off of it. I'm just here to put out a little more good in the world!...more

Women's Earth Alliance: Co-Directors Melinda Kramer and Amira Diamond

"To us, it's really about collaboration. It simply doesn't work to stay in your silo, and to grab hold of your mission statement and work alone. ...more