How To Choose An Amazing Vacation Rental Property

Nothing is better than a vacation at an amazing destination. Your vacation is a time to relax and refresh. More and more families are realizing the benefits that a vacation rental offers. Continue reading to learn how to choose the perfect vacation rental for your family.Choosing a Popular Rental Destination...more

Weekend Getaway: Durham, North Carolina

Last month, we hightailed it over to Durham, North Carolina (that's in the US, folks) to throw my sweet big sister a baby shower. North Carolina is the state in which I was born, the state in which my sister and more recently, my mother, live, and the state we plan to move to post-London.It's a lovely state, that North Carolina. Beautiful as all get out, relaxed, friendly, and super happening, too. We were there for just a few short days but we sure did make the most of it. Here's what we got up to:...more

Playing God Again

So there was a YouTube video that recently went viral, depicting a man being tapped "head-buttted" by a wild elk in Asheville, NC after a self-proclaimed "nature photographer" crossed over into the elk's territory. To any rational human being, the situation taking place in the video seems perfectly understandable. ...more

Calculating Home

 May 10 was the anniversary of our move to Asheville.  In the weeks before, I was a little worried that I might get overwhelmed; caught up in emotional over-reflection, if that makes sense.  The week ended up being really busy and I didn't have time to sit down and be dramatic about any of it, which was fine with me. ...more

(Interview) Log Cabin Republicans: Obama's Playing Politics With LGBT Families

Just moments after President Barack Obama made the Twittersphere explode over his announcement in support of marriage equality on ABC, the three-decade-old Log Cabin Republicans sent out this tweet:...more
It's not "playing" politics if several issues tied to quality of life for gay Americans are ...more

Oh, North unrequested opinion

Well, it happened. In North Carolina.It’s happened before, and it’ll happen again, but that doesn’t make it any less horrific....more

Haters gonna hate, but they shouldn't legislate

I just read the news that North Carolina has passed a constitutional amendment that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. They already had a law that bans gay marriage. I guess that wasn't enough though....more

Dear North Carolina Parents Who Wish To Ban Gay Marriage,

Tomorrow, May 8, voters in North Carolina will decide on Amendment 1:...more
 @elfladychronicles Thank you.  It really seems so simple doesn't it?  Check out more of my ...more

Hungry in Hendersonville

Taking a tour of North Carolina, we made a pit stop in Hendersonville, located about 30 minutes from Asheville. Cute, quiet and lush with green forests, this small, American town had some fine places to dine.  Not far from here, Dirty Dancing was filmed (you can take a guided tour of it), and its no wonder as the calm and peaceful, rolling hills are a slice of American splendor ; )...more

Charming Charlotte

Continuing my tour of North Carolina, I was quite enamored with the healthy choices I found in the Queen City of North Carolina!  A neat looking downtown, and a southern financial capital, Charlotte had the city feel with plenty of hip and chic spots to boot. Home to Nascar (including guided tours of the museum), this North Carolina metropolis takes care of those in search of healthy eats!...more