why we eat our young

Someone recently told me something that disturbed me deeply. It was something I had heard before, but I chewed on it this time for a while and have been pondering about it since. It involves human nature, and behavior....more

5 Reasons I Deserve a Medal for Nursing My Toddler

Breastfeeding. It’s all sweet and dear and precious in the beginning.Or it’s terrible and your nipples bleed and the baby won’t latch and the engorgement makes you feel like a porn star.Whichever....more

The Bitter Sweet Goodbye

Why I gave my baby formula

Breastfeeding my baby boy was hard. Harder than anything I had ever expected and certainly harder than a unmedicated birth.Baby boy was supplemented with formula for about a month, not because I didn't make enough milk but because feeding him every time he was hungry was so excruciatingly painful....more

Nursing in the winter is easy!

If you've delved into the archives you'll find I took a very, very systematic approach to my newborn baby's clothes and maternity wardrobe. Then baby boy was born and I realised that I hadn't given a single thought to what I would wear after his birth....more

Why I nurse my baby to sleep

I just read another article by a self-proclaimed "parenting visionary" telling her readers not to rock, let alone nurse their babies to sleep at the risk of causing a life-time dependency and destroying all chances of a good night's rest. Seriously? I frequently wonder who these people are and whether they gave birth to robots....more

A lovely Christmas suprise

I've always supported a baby's right to nurse whenever and wherever it wants to but it wasn't until I moved to Portugal that I realised how conspicuous and uncomfortable breastfeeding in public can make you feel. In Brazil I'd always had my posse of friends or husband around me, whereas here very often it's just the baby and me and I've discovered that breastfeeding in public a deux makes me feel rather self-conscious. ...more

Abby’s Story Part 2: The Crazy Banshee gets 2 Sisters!

Of course, by this time I was a nursing pro.  I was worried about a lot of things in anticipation of the girls’ arrival, but breastfeeding wasn’t one of them.  When Norah and Cecily arrived at 35 weeks and landed themselves in the NICU, I started pumping like a lunatic.  I tracked everything in an app on my phone – it was a sorry excuse for cuddling my newborns but I was proud to see my production increase and when the bab...more

Breastfeeding Women Who Code

In a departure from the usual fashion magazine fare, the latest issue of Glamour features two articles about the tech industry: "Secrets of Silicon Valley (That Only Women Know)" and  "35 Women Under 35 Who Are Changing the Tech Industry."...more
Thanks, https://twitter.com/BrigidSchulte! Look forward to YOUR piece. Btw, mine has interviews ...more