Here’s how a simple potato can KILL you….

Ok, so I hope I got your attention with the title of this post!  Yes, it’s true that something as common as a potato can kill you. But before you get too worked up, you’ll be glad to know that cases of “death by potato” are extremely rare.  ...more

Healthy Eating as a College Student

College.  A time of new adventures, goals to pursue, and endless change.  Navigating this new phase can be exciting and quite nerve-wracking.  One change I didn't anticipate was the way my body would adjust to this new lifestyle.  I went from practicing high school sports for several hours a day to many hours sitting at my desk studying.  Mom's fresh-from-the-garden home cooked meals were replaced by endless dining hall options....more

Review: Healing the Vegan Way by Mark Reinfeld

Described by Publishers Weekly as the "male equivalent to a vegan Rachel Ray" Mark Reinfeld has 20 years of experience preparing creative vegan and raw cuisine and has authored or co-authored 6 cookbooks....more

Best of May - Recipes in Review

BreakfastWhen warm weather arrives I  start making Overnight Oat Parfaits like a mad woman.  I have a new creation nearly every morning, except when I'm enjoying some Easy Vegan and Gluten-free Pancakes on the weekend with my hubby....more

Calcium - The Best Source for Your Bones

Is dairy the best way to obtain calcium?  Many people believe so, however, obtaining calcium is more than simply how many milligrams we consume daily.  How much you consume isn’t necessarily the issue, rather how much you absorb. Many factors influence calcium absorption, including age, the amount of calcium you require, amount consumed, and other compounds that accompany it when consumed....more

10 Effective Post-Workout Foods That Aid in Recovery

There is something that is just so incredibly satisfying about that delicious soreness we all get in our muscles in the day or two following a challenging workout. That little bit of “hurts-so-good” feeling in our triceps, glutes, and hamstrings tells us that we owned that workout! There was no “phoning it in” as Jillian would say.  We put in the effort and expect to see results, right?...more

Navigating Restaurants for Healthy Eaters: A Guide to Eating Out

Who doesn't love to eat out?! Sharing life with friends and family over a good meal and no clean up!  :)  Regardless of how much fun dinner on the town can be, restaurants are notorious for salty, calorie-loaded meals that can wreak havoc on your health (especially if you're dining out regularly). Thankfully many restaurants are becoming increasingly mindful of those who are more conscious of their health, and new restaurants seem to emerge weekly that are health havens without losing the flavor!...more
This is a smart and straightforward post.  Happycow is a great resource.  I think that a lot of ...more


 Your metabolic rate is highly dependent on several individual aspects like physical activity, gender, genetics, lean body mass, hormones and other factors. No two people in this world are the same, therefore everyone’s metabolic rate is always going to be a little different....more

Healthy Nourishing for Active Women

Today we’re going to chat a little bit about the importance of fueling our bodies for activity and exercise, and making sure we get enough to be able to sustain an active lifestyle. Because we don’t just want to exercise once or twice, right? We want it to be part of our healthy lifestyle, consistently....more

5 nutrition myths that need to die

Nutrition can be a tricky subject. New studies hit the mainstream media all the time and we can’t help but eat it all up (pun intended).Staying informed is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. But the headlines are often confusing or contradictory to what has been published before (and what we’ve gotten used to in our daily lives)....more