The Science of Cravings – Ask Deniza

Neural networksThe neurons in our brain communicate with one another through the exchange of neurotransmitters (small molecules). These molecules fit into receptors on the surface of brain cells and lead to either stimulation or depression of the neuron's activity. Whether the neuron gets activated or depressed depends on the kind of neurotransmitter....more

Food Labels Hacked My Way

Don't you feel like you need a degree in Biochemistry, or at least Nutritional Science, to understand food labels enough to just simply go grocery shopping? I hear you! And, the eating rules change all the time!Butter was out for awhile. That was a sad time. Now it's back in, or at least sort of, depending on what you're reading, or what you hear on the news, or from your friends....more

Addicted to the White Stuff: Why I Quit Sugar

My oldest friends will know that I've always taken an interest in healthy food and fitness. A strange child, I shunned pop for fruit juice and would run 30 times round the parental garden daily.I have never engaged in any food fads or diets though. They just didn't make sense to me - I love eating too much.I exercised enough and always stuck to options labelled low fat, so thought I was all good. Sugar was never really on my radar, so I continued to dismiss Ollie's objections to my three sugar coffees. (Yuuuuuumy!)...more

Flavor Fall with a Roasted Pumpkin and Beet Salad

'Tis the season of EVERYTHING pumpkin, Fall’s beloved squash. Like many of you, I have been sucked into the pumpkin vortex. ...more

Quick-Pickled Beet Stems

Eat beets from root to leaf! Rather than throwing away the beautiful beet stems from your bunches of beets, create a delicious pickled side-dish. ...more

4 Nutrients to Eat for Better Skin & Hair

Ever wonder how some people achieve porcelain skin or that perfect, split-end-free, shiny hair? Most of us assume its genetics or that we need to spend half our paycheck at the salon for glam results. We’re probably right. But some research shows an association between certain vitamins and minerals and these celeb results. Does this mean we can eat our way to glowing skin and hair? Tune in for the 411 on some specific vitamins and minerals that may help  ...more

6 healthy habits to get into before fall

We’re already more than halfway through summer.  Can you believe it?  There’s something about the warmer weather and lack of rigidity and structure in the summer that makes us feel relatively carefree.  Sometimes this means eating a little more than we would normally, or reaching for snacks we wouldn’t otherwise have eaten just because the time seems right (hello, ice cream sandwiches!)....more

The Health Benefits of Green Tea

Sometimes, we can’t see what’s right in front of us.A few weeks ago this was literally the case.  I was sitting on my deck thinking about what to write about this week and the answer was right in front of my eyes…I had spent the past hour in my kitchen brewing the perfect iced green tea.  And there it was, on the table directly in front of me.  The answer to this month’s food dilemma....more

High-sugar diet may reduce cognitive function

Making your kid read over the summer may not be the only way to fight the Summer Slide, especially if they're reaching for the Oreos between page turns.A new study out of Oregon State University has found that diets high in sugar (and also diets high in fat) may reduce cognitive function by altering bacteria in the gut.The researchers studied mice on high-sugar and high-fat diets and found that particularly "cognitive flexibility" was decreased.Why?...more