Disappearing Stripper Boots... or Why Barbie Can Stay

Katie was brimming with excitement and, with brush in hand, couldn't wait to brush Barbie's long golden hair. As I removed the bits of plastic holding her in place, I couldn't help but notice the length of her dress (super short), the backless top of the dress, the black knee-high stripper boots, the heavy eye makeup. I immediately felt a twinge in my stomach. I was uncomfortable. ...more
Great post. I took a similar approach with my girl and we had no issues.  (Mind you this was the ...more

Does your son play football? Give him DHA

The February issue of "Neurosurgery" has a report about how taking DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) might help protect against traumatic brain injury (TBI). Yes, that's PROTECT - as in - TAKING DHA BEFORE THE INJURY EVEN OCCURS. In the study, rats wre given DHA. After one month, the researchers induced TBI (I know, that part doesn't sound nice). The rats taking the highest doses of DHA had a less TBI....more

Favorites...here's to your health!

AdvoCare Products: 24 Day Challenge Bundle (which is currently being sold at a discounted price!): ...more


OPTIMAL HEALTH SEEKERS’ RADIO, airing Sundays at 4pm Eastern, is an online radio show that educates inspires and empowers people seeking to find their own personal level of optimal health....more

Finding Healthy Dessert Alternatives

Well, the best thing to do is to choose fruit as often as possible when you find yourself craving sweets. But when fruit isn't gonna cut it (and it happens to the best of us), find healthy alternatives to your favorite desserts and reach for them (in moderation) whenever needed. There are two ways you can go about incorporating desserts into your healthy diet. ...more

This past weekend, I substituted a pound cake recipe with non fat milk and olive oil, and it ...more

Fit Mommy: A clean refrigerator is a clean slate for a New Year

As I looked into my refrigerator post New Year's, I had to make an overhaul of change. "New year, new fridge" is my new mantra (at least for this week). I couldn't even see the good healthy stuff because the bad food stuff was in front. Goodbye half eaten cream-filled casserole! Goodbye spinach dip! Goodbye to that moldy unidentifiable sludge! ...more

Optimism: How an Outlook Can Change Your Success Rate

Being optimistic about your healthy living goals for 2011 could actually be the catapult you need to reach success. You see, if you make a New Year's resolution to eat healthy in 2011, but you feel certain it will only last for a few weeks before you go back to old habits, then that is exactly what will happen. That's why optimism is so important when (at anytime during the year) you decide to make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. ...more

Hi Melissa. You'll have to let me know it works out for you.

Contributing Editor ...more

"Get Better Soon" Carrot and Ginger Muffins

When two of my children, my DH and all my daycare "friends" came down with scarlet fever this winter, I made a dedicated effort to include foods rich in vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories into their diets.  I came up with this great comfort food style recipe full of natural healing foods, like honey, cinnamon, ginger and carrots.  I make them mini muffin size for my wee ones, and they gobble them up.  With all whole wheat flour and no refined sugar, I don't care how many they eat while they're on the mend....more

Pregnant? Take iron (and folic acid) to have a smarter baby

Most of us already knew to take folic acid when we were pregnant, but new research says that taking folic acid AND iron before and during pregnancy will make your kids smarter. In the study, kids whose moms took folic acid and iron showed: • higher reasoning skills • stronger cognitive ability • better motor skills • enhanced inhibitory control (I'm guessing this means a lower chance of ADHD) The theory is that iron deficiency during pregnancy can alter neurotransmitters in the baby's brain, which ofen impacs how fast they can process information....more

Are You and Your Family Getting Enough Vitamin D and Calcium?

How much vitamin D do we need?  A recent report calls for a small increase in the daily recommendations of vitamin D, but does not go as far to recommend the much higher levels thought to possibly prevent chronic illness (such as cancer and diabetes).  The US-Canadian report from the Institute of Medicine reviewed nearly 1,000 published studies along with testimonies from scientists and other experts. It concluded that there is not strong enough evidence (at least at this time) that vitamin D can prevent chronic illness. ...more

At WVFC, we had endocrinologist Naina Sinha more