The Big Picture of Health: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

We all know that there are no "real" healthy-living laws, but that doesn't always stop us from punishing ourselves when we perceive we are breaking them. That's all it is though, a perception. It's a perception of guilt, and often that negativity leads us to give up on ourselves. It doesn't have to be that way: If we take the little step of not sweating the small stuff, we will see huge results. ...more

Thanks Nordette, that's very interesting.

Contributing Editor Catherine Morgan

Why Does Walmart Need 5 Years to Roll Out Its Healthy Food Initiative?

Can Walmart's just-released "Healthy Food Initiative" really save lives? Or is it simply an excellent public relations and marketing campaign? Well ... yes, and yes. ...more

I completely agree! This is exactly what I was complaining about when I first heard. I may sound ...more

Super Foods Everyone Should Have in Their Diet


fresh fruits and veggies are super foods that are packed with lots of nutrients. add colors your ...more

Taste the Rainbow


It Takes Two to Tango


Eat One Healthful Meal Each Week

Eat healthier. Well that sounds like a disastrous, unkeepable resolution if there ever was one. What does that even mean, eat healthier? What we eat is an amalgamation of our culture and time limitations and social obligations and preferences. We can always deny ourselves foods or force ourselves to eat a dish that doesn't really appeal at all, but changing what you crave is nearly impossible. ...more

This article is good for my health and my family. I try to eat daily time for a healthy food. ...more

Brooklyn Decker Diet and Exercise Secrets

Brooklyn Decker was chosen for the coveted role of 2010s Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model. Men and women alike have since been drooling at every flawless picture and magazine cover she graces. We often think how easy it must be for celebrities to have all of the resources they need to stay in shape at their fingertips....more

Incorporate a Serving of Lentils into Your Diet

Question: Can a person learn to love lentils? The thing is, I've been trying to incorporate as many healthy foods into my diet as possible -- salmon, broccoli, spinach, and whole grains are among my favorites. But lentils? Up until recently, they haven't been my thing. I guess it's because they just aren't very visually appealing. I know, stupid reason, but I'm just being honest about it. ...more
My strategy to ensure I get my lentils starts at the beginning of each week.  I make about 2 ...more

Disappearing Stripper Boots... or Why Barbie Can Stay

Katie was brimming with excitement and, with brush in hand, couldn't wait to brush Barbie's long golden hair. As I removed the bits of plastic holding her in place, I couldn't help but notice the length of her dress (super short), the backless top of the dress, the black knee-high stripper boots, the heavy eye makeup. I immediately felt a twinge in my stomach. I was uncomfortable. ...more
Great post. I took a similar approach with my girl and we had no issues.  (Mind you this was the ...more

Does your son play football? Give him DHA

The February issue of "Neurosurgery" has a report about how taking DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) might help protect against traumatic brain injury (TBI). Yes, that's PROTECT - as in - TAKING DHA BEFORE THE INJURY EVEN OCCURS. In the study, rats wre given DHA. After one month, the researchers induced TBI (I know, that part doesn't sound nice). The rats taking the highest doses of DHA had a less TBI....more