Eating grass-fed guilt-free?

I know, I know.Grass-fed beef or lamb, pastured pork and free-range chicken are expensive. I get it. In addition to raising grass-fed beef, I purchase the eggs, and chicken and half-a pig. I think of them as investments, not just because of the cost, but because they are really down-payments on my future, and yours.Hear from an expert: Dave Johnson, prez of GrassWorks, 9-9:30 AM CT, Deep Roots Radio, streamed live, you tune in.Sylvia Burgos Toftness...more

3 Ways To Look Thinner Now

I’ve seen quite a few clients in my day that come in with complaints about their physiques. Some of these complaints are valid and require intensive work while others need just a little reframing. Here are 3 tips that can help you look and feel slimmer by tomorrow....more

Feeling down? Reach for these 7 mood-boosting foods

How we feel (depressed, anxious, sad) is affected by the chemicals in our brain. If you know what to eat, you can balance those chemicals to keep your mood more stable (and positive) in many cases.Here are some of the best foods to reach for to improve your mood:1. Lentils. Depressed people often have low folic acid. Lentils are high in folic acid.2. Brazil nuts. Depressed people sometimes have low levels of selenium. Raw Brazil nuts chave selenium.3. Avocado. Great source of folic acid and Vimain E....more

Wellness on the web: The Holy Kale

Wellness on the Web is an ongoing interview series that showcases bloggers who focus on clean, unrefined, nourishing and naturally delicious food. This week, please welcome…...more

Study shows eating yogurt changes brain function

A UCLA study fuond that healthy women who regularly ate probiotics (in yogurt) showed altered brain function both at rest and while completing emotion-recognition tasks.The study followed 36 women (ages 18-55) for 4 weeks.Group 1 ate yogurt with a mix of probiotics twice each dayGroup 2 ate "yogurt" with NO probioticsGroup 3 ate no product at all...more

When Eating Clean is Hard

As I have struggled to adhere to the food avoidance diet for my son in the last 2 weeks, both my husband and I have occasionally questioned why we are making the effort to take this natural health journey at all. Why take extreme steps like visiting a naturopath and avoiding foods that everyone else eats with no trouble if no one is actually sick? Eating clean is hard! Shouldn't we just live like the rest of the world and visit a doctor only when we are sick to get medicine that will make us better? ...more

Why Diets Don't Work, and What Does

Why Diets Don’t Work, and What Does WorkLeave a reply ...more

Presenting exercise minutes over calorie counts?

What would you think about fast food/chain restaurants displaying the exercise times needed to burn off that cheeseburger and fries you just ordered? Would it dissuade some to order something with less calories if they knew they would have to walk 2 or 3 hours to burn the food off? ...more

The 2013 Dirty Dozen list is out!

Yep, eating healthy is definitely not as inexpensive as eating badly. You’re more likely to find a drive-thru offering a 99 cent burger than you will one that offers a salad at the same price....more

5 healthy habits that are making you gain weight

Most of us have been there: you’re doing what you think is the right thing in the food and exercise department but you STILL can’t seem to lose the weight. At least not as fast as you want. What’s going on? well, it could very well be that all of those right things you’re doing. They might still be right but your execution is off. Check this out...more