Junking, Paul Anka,and A Spot of Tea

“I’m a woman, Mary. I can be as contrary as I choose.”~Lady Grantham -Downton Abbey My guilty pleasure (along with Hagaan- Das, Anthropologie, and laying in the sun) is thrifting. One of my friends calls it junking and another calls it ‘antiquing’...more

5 Tips for Breastfeeding in Public

Breastfeeding is widely known as the most healthful way to feed a baby.  Unfortunately, there are still many controversies about women breastfeeding in public.  First time moms can get very nervous about nursing in front of other people and often see it as a huge barrier.  Every mom has a right to feed her child in any public area.  New moms can follow these tips as a guide to successfully breastfeed in public:...more

Keeping a healthy brain with good food

Riva Greenberg, a diabetes advocate, author, speaker and coach discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the foods we choose to eat and how they affect our brain health. Studies have revealed that the brain shrinks as one becomes obese. Yet, on the other hand, it appears that foods -- such as processed foods -- are addictive and stimulate the pleasure center of our brains. One of the big trigger foods that almost makes it irresistible to stop eating these types of foods is sugar....more

Fitness/Love/Life This is where it began...

My name is Ashleigh.. I am 27, a divorcee and since have found the love of my life and he has   three completely amazingly wonderful teenage girls!...more

Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens,What is so good about them?I think that the place to begin both for health and weight loss is leafy greens. Why? Everyone always says, or has always said, " eat your vegetables", This is the message that we hear from childhool, so again, why? And better yet, why haven't we been listening?...more

First Blog Post


Nutrition Testing and Healthy Ideas

Karon Gibson RN CCM  recently hosted the TV show, Outspoken with Karon RN, interviewing guest and certified licensed Nutrition expert Jim Golick CCN .....the topics inlcuded are scrambled eggs good for you?  What type of salad is the best?  Should you eat at night?  What technology is available for testing your personal profile of food?......Another show featured Jim Golick CCN and Sally Nutini RN and healing touch therapist and Tony Koufos Naturopath, Reflexologist and Iridologist who wore the PostureNow  and   Dream Water for sleep was discussed as a nat...more

Why are Chia Seeds so good for you?

Ch, ch, ch, chia (seeds)!  These little guys have become quite popular in the health and nutrition realm.  After receiving a few questions from friends a...more

Superfoods: Are They Really Super?

Acai berries, flax seeds, olive oil, pomegranates, etc.: All reported to be superfoods with the potential to prevent disease and maintain health. Sounds great! But are these foods really superfoods? Will they really enhance your health? The term superfoods was first used in the US around 1998 in reference to certain foods containing an above average level of nutrients. Here in the States, it's generally used as a marketing term to promote the consumption of certain foods to enhance health, decrease potential disease or in some other manner alter your current or future health status. ...more
Hello, Cannot help myself but respond! Over the course of last 7 years I tried almost everything ...more

Fifi's Fat Farm

I'm an author, mother, and trainer who believes in a balance of Faith, Family, Fitness, and Fiction. While I’m no nutritionist and am not qualified to offer medical advice, I am a full-fledged fitness enthusiast (not the crazy body-building type, but the kinder, gentler, fit mama type). I am a Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant and personal trainer, hoping my passion for fitness and nutrition will one day become profitable in some way. Like you, I’m not perfect; I still love ice cream and Diet Coke....more