Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Let’s face it, pregnancy is a life changing time in anyone’s life and eating nutritionally for the optimal health of the mom and baby is absolutely paramount. Ask any physician, expert or nutritionist and they will tell you that the average pregnant woman only needs about 300 extra calories a day!...more

Quick and Healthy Meal Ideas for the Whole Family

Due to time constraints while taking care of my children and living the busy life that all of us lead, I’ve developed some go-to, quick meals that are high in fiber, include fresh produce and lean protein, low-fat dairy and plenty of green tea and water. These are easy to pack for work lunches and to throw together quickly for dinner.Breakfast-...more

HELP! I want sexy curves but I can't seem to gain enough weight...

If you can relate to this, keep reading...Most Women Just Want Curves...more

"Are all calories created equal"?

This article is the second in a series of four and covers an issue that has created long-standing health complications for us physically, mentally and even spiritually -- obesity rates in this country. There are so many differing opinions about this issue from physicians, dieticians, nurses and every day folks like you and me. Do you remember your mother or grandmother ever saying: "you can eat everything, but eat in moderation" I suppose that has gone out the window....more

Your "Healthy Holiday" Coach


How To: Tempeh

Before I even begin this How-To discussion on tempeh, I want you to make me a promise!  Yes promise me…over the internet…that you will read this whole post before making an “official decision” on tempeh.  It might sound a little funky and strange and maybe a tad bit scary.  But trust me as a serious food lover, I wouldn’t steer you down the path of bland, not so tasty, scary food items.  Come on guys, you know I live to eat!  And like I tell my younger clients – my tasting rule is “you can’t say ‘ew’ or ‘yuck’ before you’ve tried it.”  Or in this case, no ew or...more
I've always wanted to try tempeh, just never got around to doing it.  Next time I am at the ...more

SD in Depth: How did we get so fat?

I normally don't get the San Diego Union Tribune only because I read most everything "news-wise" on line. My Dad gave me this article not long ago and I thought I would say a few words about it since it is on topic with what I write about. The article is Part 1 in a series and deals with how "obesity rates and health complications continue to climb in the United States". As the article points out -- "eat, drink and be wary"....more

Thanksgiving Side Dishes for Optimal Energy

From Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, people tell me they're tired and overwhelmed from all the extra activities.  Let me tell you I understand. We have so many things to do and so little time to do it in! The good news is, there are easy things we can do over the holidays to combat fatigue and increase energy, and it can be as simple as this: ...more

Super easy and super healthy snacks!

Before I begin to list a few ideas, can we just talk about how much I used to love McDonald's smoothies?  (Btdubs if you're tired of smoothie talk you can skip to the bottom where I give a dessert recipe that is not a smoothie, haha.)I thought they were so good. But I got one recently and it tasted so artificial. This isn't me hating on McDonald's because legit, I think their double cheeseburgers are the bomb. Even though I can't eat those right now due to the whole paleo diet thing....more

Paleo Diet

Normally I'm against the idea of dieting. But I'm going to Puerto Vallarta in December. aka NEXT MONTH.So I'm definitely going to be in a bikini. And I want to look my very absolute best. But my will power is awful. I see chocolate and I have this crazy reaction where I feel compelled to eat it. And bread in restaurants. Plus olive oil. I die. Cos it's so good....more