New study shows Oreos may be as addictive as cocaine and morphine

Yes, you read it correctly; that's morphine and cocaine, not Coke (although that's pretty addictive too).In this recent study, a professor and students at Connecticut College did an experiment to see how addictive Oreos are (in this case, to rats). They chose Oreos because of their high fat and sugar content, and because they are "marketed in communities with lower socioeconomic statuses."The researchers measure expression of c-Fos, a protein in the pleasure center of the brain. They found that the cookies stimulated "many more" neurons than cocaine OR MORPHINE!...more

Hello and Welcome to Food: Clean & Simple!

Congrats on taking the first step to starting your own food blog! I can't wait to see your first ...more

How Many Ways Can You Say Sugar?

 [image via DumbInk]...more

Worried about stroke? Take Vitamin B

A new study analyzed data from 54,913 participants, comparing Vitamin B to a placebo (or a very low-dose B vitamin). Here's what they found:- There were 2,471 strokes during the studies. All appeared to have some benefit from taking Vitamin B.- Vitamin B lowered the risk of stroke in several of the studies by 7%.- Taking Vitamin B doesn't necessarily reduce the risk of death or the severity of the strokes.- Taking folic acid seemed to reduce the effect of Vitamin B....more

A urine test for diabetes-related cognitive decline?

Three major research organizations came together and discovered that certain older diabetics (people with albuminuria - a common kidney complication) have a protein in their urine that indicates a higher risk of cognitive decline.We already know that cognitive decline and diabetes are firmly linked. When you have high or low blood sugar, memory loss and reduced brain functioning occur.But this simple urine test can be a good indicator that someone is at risk for even more cognitive decline....more

Which Fresh Produce is In Season for September?

What are the Health Benefits of September's In Season produce? Consult this chart, then vote for your favourite at!...more

What I Ate Wednesday: Moving Edition

Happy Wednesday!We are moving to California in 3 days and so our place is a disaster! Everything is pretty much packed at this point, so everything I ate on Tuesday had to be something easy to make that didn’t require any dishware. I’ve packed the entire kitchen, except for some tupperware, one fork (so I can still eat) and one glass. I am just going to throw out the tupperware, fork and glass when we leave....more

Doing the Little Extras

 In case you hadn't noticed, I spend a good bit of my time working out. It's obviously not all I do...I also teach, host/co-lead a Bible study, take courses for my Masters, study God's Word, maintain a healthy happy marriage, and all the other every day things we all do. I'd say for all of us, it can be pretty difficult to fit in everything we want to. Cuts and compromises need to be made. However, lately I feel like I've been making some cuts in my triathlon training that are not necessary and that I am not happy about......more