Rosie Oats Face Mask - a recipe

This is a gentle mask suitable for most skin types. Oatmeal soothes, hydrates and can reduce redness. The clay helps to draw out impurities and the rosewater acts as a gentle toner. Rosie Oats Face Mask To make enough for one mask you'll need: ...more

Vanilla Peach Oat Smoothie

Warmer weather is finally here which means its time to step up my smoothie game. I've been trying to unlock a secret smoothie formula that isn't loaded with sugar and will keep the hunger pains at bay until lunch time. Are you ready for a bold statement?...more

Banana Strawberry Oatmeal (gluten free)

When I woke up yesterday morning is was drizzling for the first time since I moved to Santa Monica almost three months ago. It was cold and grey and miserable and I didn't want to get out of bed. It was the perfect day for oatmeal.I love oatmeal. I love the warm comfort it brings on a crisp morning. I love that it is a blank canvas for any flavours you choose to add to it, like cinnamon or honey or fruit....more
This one sounds great!  I made some apple cinnamon oatmeal this morning, it was pretty good too.more

Cranberry Orange Honey Oats

Using Oats in Indian Cooking

As people in India become more health conscious, there has been a marked increase in our consumption of oats. In earlier years oats was, at best, used to make porridge in more Westernized homes. We didn't much hear of the use of oats in making  our traditional Indian dishes. But all this is changing- for the better....more

Peaches n’ Cream Overnight Oats

Whole Grain Oat & Yoghurt ‘Risotto’ with Asparagus, Broad Beans & Parmesan

Photo credit: Nancy Anne Harbord...more

Healthy Chocolate Scones!

Healthy Chocolate Scones! ...more

Sorghum Sweetened Granola