Hold Fast to That Faith: A Farewell to President Barack Obama

I’ve been fighting an internal struggle over writing this article. It’s difficult to express the impact Barack Obama has had on my life.  It’s been a massive one, and I expect that anything I uncover in writing this will be only the tip of the iceberg.  I am certain that in years to come I will continue to find new ways his presidency and his leadership have changed me. But he is leaving office on Friday, and it seems to me that he is due my effort to express it before then. So this is my attempt. ...more

Do You Really Need to Know Why They're Crying? (Spoiler: Nope.)

New parents have it rough sometimes. Babies cry -- a lot. I've often found myself thinking it'd be so much easier if my little one could just tell me why she's upset. Then I could fix the problem and everything would be wonderful, right? Wrong. ...more
Hey, thanks so much for sharing my post! Now, if anyone has any advice on how to deal when your ...more

Bring Back the Middle

Ever since the beginning of the Obama years, we have heard these protests. We are ruined.  We will have things forced down our throat.  We will be ignored.We will be walked over.  We will not compromise.  We will not cooperate.  We will do whatever we can to thwart the other party.  They are wrong for America. It’s always the other party’s fault. And now, with the recent election and the change in the fortunes of the elected ones, we hear these protests: ...more

Does President Obama Have "Daddy Issues?"

On her July 27, 2014 show, Melissa Harris Perry shared with her Nerdland audience that her parents were unmarried and that her father was not in the home.  This made me reflect on my piece from 2013 in which I responded to her claim that President Obama has "Daddy Issues." Here is that piece:...more

The Farce of a Boehner Lawsuit Against President Obama

John Boehner, current Speaker of the House of Representatives, has been threatening to file a lawsuit against President Obama and the Obama Administration for weeks now.  Just today, it was announced that Boehner plans to sue President Obama for delaying the Employer Mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare....more
This is the game the GOP continues to play. Whatever President Obama wants even if they agree ...more

Some Disabled People Won't be Eligible for Minimum Wage Increase

Sorry to get political right off the bat, but I'm a little annoyed right now. At President Barack Obama and his promise to raise the minimum wage in the United States.Don't get me wrong. I support any sort of initiative that will raise the minimum wage in the US. I've been following this issue ever since I learned that the current minimum wage in the US is only $7.25. It's been over $10.00 in Ontario (where I live) for years, going up to $11 in June. Heck, student minimum wage in Ontario in 1998 (the last time I worked as a student in Ontario) was $8....more


Dictator Obama,THIS  is a democracy! "It is clear to me the British Parliament, reflecting the views of the British people, does not want to see British military action," Prime Minister David Cameron said. "I get that and the government will act accordingly."Take note and ACT ACCORDINGLY!Blessings & Love,MiMi...more

May I Rant about Race and the President, Please?

I just read a link a high school friend posted on Facebook, which I shall not post here because I do not want to drive their traffic up.  It's a story about a white kid getting beat up by three black kids on a bus, complete with video, which I skipped. The title was, "13-year-old White Boy Beaten: Where is President Obama?"...more
@only-mama I have to say I agree with you. I think this quote says it best: "Every act of ...more

Did President Obama Choose Ed Boyden Of M.I.T Over Ben Carson Of John Hopkins

Did President Obama Choose Ed Boyden Of M.I.T Over Ben Carson Of John Hopkins, Causing Carson To Consider Running For US President: ...more