Just another Pot-Head with a Nuclear Arsonal

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect our President to behave like a grownup. Recent revelations about the Commander in Chief have put me in mind of my own sons when they were young and without maturity. We can hope he will outgrow his adolescent behaviors. ...more

An Unintended Gift to Our Children

As a mother of five, nothing is more important to me than my children and their futures. When President Obama campaigned in 2008, he seemed to appreciate what was on the line for the next generation. He did not mince his words speaking about the burgeoning national debt, instead calling it “irresponsible,” “unpatriotic,” “obscene,” and “unacceptable.” He presented himself to the American people as poised to tackle the tough issues that politicians normally avoid. Refreshed by his rhetoric, the American people elected him to the presidency....more

Obama Bus Tour Hits Ohio: We Meet Again

On Thursday evening, July 5, for the first time in over four years, I saw Barack Obama in person.The last three times I saw him, he was either just plain ole U.S. Senator Obama (2006) or Senator and presidential candidate Obama (2007, 2008). The main differences I noticed? Age, confidence, charisma, and fervor -- he displayed more of all four....more
Only other thing I'll add before you respond (and I hope you do) is that the challenger an ...more

His First Name is "President"

OK, look. I’m pretty much apolitical.  I have my own set of beliefs and I vote accordingly.  So, what I’m about to say has nothing to do with politics....more

A reason for treason?

 The growing flap over the national security leaks coming – at least in the opinion of some – from the White House, brings me to the conclusion that we Americans have totally lost track of love of country. We ought to be outraged today. Instead, we are complacent. ...more

Romney and Obama Political Fashion Statements

Last month, Urban Outfitters caused a stir when it released a line of “ironic” Mitt Romney t-shirts, bearing slogans like “Too Legit to Mitt” and “Mitt is the Shit”. And the Internets exploded with debates about whether the designs are meant to be ironic or iconic....more
 @Grace Hwang Lynch Phew! Thank you!   :)more

Cory Booker is the Distraction From Obama’s Real Issues: Romney’s Business History at Bain

It IS about the economy, Cory Booker and everyone else. Recently, the Obama campaign went on the offensive, with the angle that Mitt Romney’s business success doesn’t necessarily translate into best practices for the government. The Obama camp released a series of Romney Economics videos focusing on the real people who lost their jobs –- and entire towns brought to a standstill -- when Romney’s private equity firm, Bain Capital, bought out and liquidated local businesses such as the Ampad paper factory in Marion, Indiana....more
I agree with Obama's comments about the President obviously being different than a CEO of a ...more

'Cool' and Other Things That Could Bring Obama Down

Four years ago, Barack Obama won the presidential election amid a climate of economic strife.Today, the economy remains a top priority for most Americans, but not like before. People aren’t as afraid of a falling standard of living. They’ve settled into the poor economy, they’ve seen that we will survive, and perhaps most importantly, they’re not coming off the heels of a failed Republican presidency. The latter of which is likely the only reason the Democrats were able to get a one-up in 2008 to begin with....more
I enjoyed reading your article.  I am interested in how this election will play out. In my state ...more