Obama Can Change Black Hearts, Minds For Gay Rights

One of the best outcomes of Obama's endorsement of gay marriage has been the inspiration and courage it has given a lot of African-American church goers to likewise vocalize their support....more
Fantastic post Kelly, so well written! more

Political Footballs

 I just want to say this and be done with it. ...more

More Political Expediency

 Barack Obama’s announcement this week that his evolution on the subject of same-sex-marriage has come to an end, has upended the rampant speculation among some that Obama is a closet Muslim. The President supports gay marriage, ergo, he cannot be a Muslim. ...more

Life of Julia Takes a Woman Through an Obama or Romney America

The 1998 film Sliding Doors showed Gwyneth Paltrow two versions of her life, one in which she caught a train and one in which she missed it, causing Americans everywhere to wonder about all of their roads not taken. Today, President Barack Obama's campaign released a website called Life of Julia, which depicts a woman throughout her life under either Obama or Mitt Romney's policies. ...more
I didn't realize this was part of President Obama's campaign when I first clicked through so I ...more

Women of America, Suit Up! Notes from the DNC's National Issues Conference

On Friday, I attended part of the 18th Annual National Issues Conference held by the Democratic National Committee's Women's Leadership Forum. I was there to cover the President's remarks at the end of the day, but arrived early to hear some of the speakers. It was the best example of the personal becoming political, with each speaker drawing from her life in order to explain why this upcoming election matters. ...more
 @moderndaypearls All the speeches were fantastic -- it was really hard to pull quotes because I ...more

I am a Big Obama fan

 I am a big fan of President Obama. He inherited crisis after crisis and he kept us from sinking into depression. His presidency so far hasn't been perfect but capital hill has been so polarized it was hard for him to get even compromise proposals through. He did, however, pass Obamacare, and a number of environmental initiatives amoung many other achievements. I have a nephew who is a rheumatologist and he is praying that the Supreme Court doesn't strike down key provisions of Obamacare. My nephew says it will be a disaster if it doen't go into effect....more
So you want the goverment to make health care decisions for you? Well I do not. You can't see ...more

Student Loans & Politics: Are You Still Paying Yours?

When my husband and I got married, we married each other and we married each other's debt. I think we had something like $28k in student loans from my husband when we got together, which we started paying off immediately. Those were the good old days before mortgage and a kid, and we were fortunate to have jobs that paid damn close to what we make combined now, eek, ten years later. If we had to pay those loans off now on top of childcare and all the stuff that comes with rising utilities and food costs and house repairs, we would be in serious trouble. Even back then when everything was (relatively speaking) flush, I lived in fear of being in default of those loans, because what would that do to our credit rating and our ability to buy a house or a car or get a job in the future? Messing with your government loans is serious business: the government can seize your tax returns, garnish your wages and more. ...more
 @jessicasalamon I was one of the fortunate to be paid to attend undergrad through PELL, SEOG, ...more

campaign contributions

Blog Directoryi'd contribute lots of $$ to obama if...he showed Southwest the interior of AirForce 1 and encouraged them to do the samei could get my campaign contribution back on 12/13/12 in the event that an apocalypse did happen...more

What's All This about Catholics Having to Provide Birth Control?

On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which contains provisions that started taking effect that same year and will continue until 2017. One of these provisions -- which involves eliminating co-payments and deductibles for preventive care -- came under fire last week when the White House announced that as part of preventive care, employers would be covering the cost of birth control in employee health plans. ...more
I'm still trying to figure out why it's any of my employer's business what my doctor prescribes ...more

Campaigns are helping the economy

Blog DirectoryReason not to feel bad about hanging up on telemarketers:-The Atlantic, January/February 2012 ...more