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Blog Directoryi'd contribute lots of $$ to obama if...he showed Southwest the interior of AirForce 1 and encouraged them to do the samei could get my campaign contribution back on 12/13/12 in the event that an apocalypse did happen...more

What's All This about Catholics Having to Provide Birth Control?

On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which contains provisions that started taking effect that same year and will continue until 2017. One of these provisions -- which involves eliminating co-payments and deductibles for preventive care -- came under fire last week when the White House announced that as part of preventive care, employers would be covering the cost of birth control in employee health plans. ...more
I'm still trying to figure out why it's any of my employer's business what my doctor prescribes ...more

Campaigns are helping the economy

Blog DirectoryReason not to feel bad about hanging up on telemarketers:-The Atlantic, January/February 2012 ...more

Will the President Protect Religious Rights?

Sometimes the White House gets the easy questions wrong. On Tuesday, White House press secretary Jay Carney was asked about a controversial mandate stemming from Obamacare that would require religious employers to provide insurance coverage for birth control despite religious objections....more

President Obama: Step Away From Our Charities

President Obama claims to not want to solve the nation’s financial crisis on the “backs of the needy”. Yet by cutting allowable contributions to charity, through his new jobs bill, he will do precisely that. Who does President Obama think is reliant upon non-profits if not the “needy”?...more
it's part of the 95% rule...most charitible contributions are on the up and up and deserve to be ...more

Love, Ramadan and 9/11

The President held a dinner at the White House last month in honor of Ramadan where he discussed the upcoming 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. This year, Ramadan is sandwiched between that anniversary and an epic moment in my personal life, my wedding. As I reflect on these important events, the connection between the two is strikingly obvious: they are both very American.Our wedding was big, fat, and Pakistani. I had six outfits for three days, my groom and I participated in rituals that left our faces yellow with turmeric, my friends performed a hip-hop/Hindi dance medley, and we served possibly the entire variety of South Asian food in the DC tri-state area. ...more

Women Who Blog to Washington: You're in Time-Out

Hi everyone,I interrupt the planning extravaganza for BlogHer's annual wedding (heh, sorry, little Elisa-Jory-Lisa joke for the mind-blowing, fun, exhaustingness that is the last week before the conference) to share with you something really important: Terrific blogging by women on the topic of the national debt ceiling crisis. Evan as news comes that President Obama and Speaker Boehner finally reached a tentative budget deal yesterday, I'm still shocked and appalled the nation has been stuck in this position for so long and can't tear my browser away from it -- so I may as well share, right?...more

Ask Obama to Save the Whales-Deadline in 60 Days

Iceland and Norway are the only two countries in the world that continue to permit commercial whaling. Much of the meat is either sent to Japan for human consumption or fed to tourists as a novelty....more

Study Suggests No Such Thing as Hypoallergenic Dogs

There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. Yet millions of allergy sufferers search for this magical fix.  Even President Obama claimed has could not adopt a shelter dog because his daughter needed a hypoallergenic puppy.  Animal experts have been asserting, forever, that while some dogs shed less than others, all dogs have dander and saliva which will impact the susceptible sufferer. ...more

Photo Tribute to a Dad and two Grandpa’s

(To see the photos that go with this text please click on my blog "A Rolling Crone") When our three children were born in the 1970’s, my husband Nick was not the kind of dad who'd change diapers, take a kid to the park or coach them in sports. But, as these photos suggest, he was always an important presence in their lives, ready to offer support, advice and unconditional love when they needed it. ...more